Money on Mobile

TEB Bonus Card Money on Mobile


    TL 500 is in your account with a single SMS! And with a repayment option in 3 installments!

    Type MONEY, leave a space; and send the last 6 digits of your card to 4616 via your registered mobile phone directly and make TL 500 cash advance deposited into your account.  Make its repayment in 3 installments. 

    • The campaign is valid between the dates of 07.12.2012 – 30.04.2013.
    • In order to participate in the campaign, the customers should type MONEY, leave a space and send the last 6 digit of their credit cards to 4616 via a short message by their registered mobile phones (For Example: MONEY 123456).
    • No interest and fee is charged on Money on Mobile transactions during the campaign period.
    • Only TL 500 can be utilized from the campaign. In the event the customer’s cash advance limit is inadequate, then depending on the usable limit, TL 400, TL 300, TL 200 or TL 100 Money on Mobile can be transferred to the account.
    • TL 500 amount demanded from the campaign shall be transferred to the customers’ main demand deposit accounts within the same day after the assessment.
    • The repayment of TL 500 demanded from the campaign shall be reflected to the statements in 3 equal installments as to start from the next statement period.  A different installment option is not possible.
    • TEB Credit Card Holders whose credit cards are not delayed or blocked, open and have available usable cash advance limit can benefit from the campaign.
    • The supplementary cards cannot benefit from the campaign.
    • Pursuant to the Regulation on Making Amendments on Article 17 and Article 22 of the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards published on 17.12.2010; credit cards to which a payment up to fifty per cent of period debt is made three times at most within a calendar year are closed for cash use until period debt is fully covered.
    • TEB reserves the right to make changes to terms and conditions of MONEY ON MOBILE campaign at any time.
    • The charge for sending a short message to participate in the campaign is 0,5TL (inclusive of VAT and SCT) for Avea subscribers; 0,65 TL (inclusive of VAT and SCT) for Turkcell subscribers; and 0,4 TL (inclusive of VAT and SCT) for Vodafone subscribers. Avea, Turkcell and Vodafone reserve the right to make changes in the unit price of the participation messages.

    Sample Payment Table for TL 500: 


    Installment Amount  

    Monthly Interest

    Transaction Fee

    3 months

    TL 166,67


    TL 0

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