Salary Service Program

Salary Service Program


    TEB’s Salary Service Program offers those, whose salaries are deposited into their salary accounts at TEB, the most advantageous products and numerous facilities!

    The World of Exclusive Deals offered by TEB’s Salary Service Program:

    • An “Offer of the Month”, including an attractive deal exclusive to you, every month
    • An Exclusive Portfolio Manager dedicated to you at our Braches
    • An exclusive TEB Bonus Card for you without application, which is offered free of charge for the first year.
      • Overdraft Account offered with discount interest rates without application.
      • Drop Gold Account for you: The Drop Gold Account enables you to save gold in grams through the micro-amounts to be saved from your demand account or TEB Credit Card under your instructions, and even to grow your gold savings further through advantageous interest rate deals.
      • The opportunity to convert your salary account into Practical Account, which automatically purchases TEB B Type Cash Management Short Term Bonds and Bills Fund.
      • The opportunity to utilize personal finance, vehicle and housing loans directly, without the submission of any income certificates and under discounted interest rates.
      • The convenience of conducting transactions without physically visiting the branch: The opportunity to use TEB Internet Branch and TEB Telephone Branch by dialing 0850 200 0 666 instantly upon the opening of your account.

    If you so wish, you can switch from TEB Internet Branch to TEB Practical Internet Branch through a single click, and simply and practically conduct your basic banking transactions through TEB Practical Internet Branch with its simple screen interface and clear and legible layout.

    • The convenience of placing automatic payment instructions on your TEB Bonus Card or salary account for the payment of your bills! Moreover, you can earn bonus points on your automatic bill payments through your credit card just as you do on your shopping payments!
    • The opportunity to value your investments by such investment instruments as specially priced term Turkish Lira and foreign exchange deposit funding, bills and bonds, equities and mutual funds.
    • The opportunity to shop, interrogate your balance and withdraw cash through access to your demand account via any TEB ATM in Turkey with your free salary account debit card to be sent to your address!
    All considered for you!
    Call TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 or visit TEB Branches for further information!

    * Overdraft Account limit shall be allocated for up to 100 %, and credit card limit shall be allocated for up to 200 % of the applicable salary amount, automatically. The loan and credit card allocations shall be governed by the Bank’s general loan extention policies.
    ** The advantageous deals may be revised depending on the then current conditions. The members of TEB Salary Service Program are TEB's Salary Customers. TEB Salary Customers are those, whose salary payments are effectuated through TEB’s MAS System.

    Offers of December Exclusive to the Esteemed Members of TEB's Salary Service Program:
    What’s the first thing to do when you are in need of cash?

    Loan Amount

    Maturity Term;

    Interest Amount

    Monthly Installment Amount

    Total Costs

    Monthly Cost Rate

    Annual Cost Rate

    TL 10,000

    36 Months

     1.18 %

    TL 356.49

    Filing Cost
    TL 0

    TL 76

     1.46 %

    17.54 %

    There are now more than one answer to that question; you may either take our cost-free Personal Finance Loan deal, available exclusively to our salary program members with special interest rates, or cover your cash needs with our convenient Your Money is Ready Account, also available under exclusive terms for you.

    You are welcome to the nearest TEB Branch to take our exclusive personal finance loan deal for your cash pre-new year needs, which offers maturity terms for up to 36 months at 1.18 % special interest rate without any file costs.

    Sample personal finance loan repayment schedule available exclusively fort he salary services program members.*

    • The Sample Repayment Schedule has been drawn up on the basis of a personal finance loan in the amount of TL 10,000. The total cost amount applicable for personal finance loan consists of the filing cost and the credit life insurance premium. No loan filing cost shall be charged, and the amount of credit life insurance depends on the actual amount of the loan. The insurance cost and the legal taxes are inclusive to the monthly and annual cost rates. You are welcome to visit TEB Branches or call TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 for further information. TEB reserves the right to revise the aforesaid terms or to cancel the campaign at any time. TEB shall be entitled to freely assess the loan applications and deny any loan application, which it may deem unacceptable.

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