My Car Insurance

My Car Insurance

    My Car Insurance is a comprehensive vehicle insurance which protects you and your car against accidents. In addition to damages that may occur in the car, it also protects the person driving the car and the passengers against the accidents.

    Advantages offered you by My Car Insurance

    • SSI wholesale price index,
    • Payment of new replacement value for 0-year old cars with scraped damages up to 1 year,
    • Payment of new replacement value for 0-year old and up to 3500 kg light commercial vehicles with scrapped damages up to 6 months,
    • Premium-free damage replacement addendum for cars,
    • Discounts according to the payment options (valid for all vehicle types),
    • Zurich Insurance Assistance Services (cars, minibuses and pick-up trucks),
    • Small Damage repair services (for cars),
    • Radio/Tape and Glass Repair Services (for cars, minibuses and pick-up trucks),
    • Legal Protection (for all vehicle types),
    • Lost Key Clause (for cars),
    • Coverage for personal belongings in the car (for cars),
    • Theft Clause,
    • Optional no-claims discount protection clause (for 0-age cars),
    • High no-claims discount rate.

    My Car Insurance provides protection for you and your family under the following circumstances:

    • Colliding, crashing, overturning, burning,
    • Damage resulting from contact with cigarettes and similar substances,
    • Damage resulting from theft and removal,
    • Physical and material damage that may be caused to third parties,
    • Damage caused to driver and passengers by an accident,
    • Flood and torrent damages,
    • Strike, lockout, disorder, civil commotion and terrorism,
    • Earthquake,
    • Protection clause for damage resulting from legal disputes.

    Additional coverages you may get for your car: car phone, radio/tape not existing in its original but added to the car later, speakers or accessories, international clause, load clause.

    * My Car Insurance is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. You may simply contact with TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this product.

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