Tenant/ Houseowner Package

Now, all rent payments are made through TEB!

Tenants / Landlords Package

    Everyone pays their rents through TEB, now!

    The advantageous deals are available both for the tenants, who pay their rents through TEB by a regular payment instruction, and the landlords, who collect their rents also through TEB.

    Advantages Offered by Tenants Package :

    • Free EFT and internal remittance for rent payments.
    • Exemption from Account Maintenance Fee
    • Tenant Overdraft Account with exclusive rebated rates for rent payments.
    • Personal Finance Loan with discounted interest rates.
    • Annual Rent Loan for advance rent payments.
    • Safe Deposit Box service at discounted rate.
    • Free e-statement.

    Advantages Offered by Landlords Package:

    • Personal Finance Loan at exclusive rebated rates.
    • Term deposit account with advantageous interest rate deals.
    • Exemption from Account Maintenance Fee
    • Complimentary building insurance, covering fire, flood and deluge risks, by TEB*
    • Safe Deposit Box service at discounted rate.

    Open an account with TEB for your rent payments and utilize our advantageous deals offered exclusively for you.

    * The sum insured by the building insurance amounts to TL 5,000, and is valid for a period of one year.

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