Your Insurance and Retirement Needs

Our special insurance and retirement plans are just for your expectations.

Your Insurance and Retirement Needs | TEB Doctors Package

    1. Individual Pension

    Regardless of the differences in our ways of life; we all intend to realize dreams, for which we cannot make time during our professional careers, in making our retirement plans. Your savings for your retirement plans will continue growing by the addition thereto of the discounts applied on administrative expense fee deduction. This scheme offers discounts at such rates varying with respect to and even provides full exemption from administrative expense fee depending on the total amount of contribution paid in.  Share your retirement dream with us and let us make it come true by out individual pension schemes.*

    2. Your Insurance Needs

    Our Life Insurance Products

    Your family grows more crowded and your responsibilities add up as time goes by. Are you, then, prepared for bad surprises of life? Our Life Protection Packages, which cover you against fatal diseases and decease risks, allow you to enjoy your life in peace of mind.

    Mandatory Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice

    The Mandatory Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice covers any claims for damages to be filed in the event of any injury of or any further deterioration of the medical condition of or the decease of the patient due to any defect or negligence in the professional practice toward the patients by any medical doctors, dentists and those, who are specialized pursuant to the applicable regulations governing specialty in medicine and who work on self-employment basis or for public or private healthcare entities and institutions, and by any persons, who are authorized to render medical services at healthcare entities and institutions, consulting rooms and other facilities owned by private legal parties, and whose duties and powers are governed by the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Health.**

    My Workplace Insurance

    My Workplace Insurance is a workplace insurance package, which covers the workplaces of small- and middle-size businesses and the property assets contained therein against the potential risks. My Workplace Insurance can also be adjusted to cover the losses of and damages to your valuable assets kept in safe vaults and your electronic equipment at the workplace as well as those of and to monies and the like precious items in transit, and any financial damages, which you may incur, due to the misconduct of your employees.**

    • TEB A.S. is an agency of BNP Paribas Cardif Emeklilik A.S., and all individual pension schemes and the Life Protection Packages are offered through the said company.
    ** TEB A.S. is an agency of Zurich Sigorta A.S., and the Mandatory Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice and My Workplace Insurance are offered through the said company.

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