Mortgage Products

Mortgage Products

    TEB Housing Loan

    Take out a TEB Housing Loan with long maturity term and small amount installment options, and own your dream home or workplace, enjoying the advantage of repaying your loan as if you are paying rent.

    Pay a visit to any TEB branch with your required documents to take out the most suitable loan for your needs and to enjoy the advantageous deals.

    • All-Inclusive Housing Loan

    You can take a loan deal in extra for any and all charges to be accrued on your houosing loan utilizations within the scope of the same housing loan, and conveniently repay your loan-related charges within long repayment maturity terms.

    Here is TEB’s All-Inclusive Vehicle Loan so you are not troubled with the burden of appraisal survey costs, mortgage creation charges, DASK (Mandatory Natural Disaster Insurance) costs, home insurance costs and personal accident insurance costs.

    • Buy & Lease Housing Loan

    Here is TEB’s Buy & Lease Housing Loan so you can both own an investment and collect rent income.

    Own the house you want subject to advantageous interest rate and long maturity term deals. Lease your house out and easily repay your loan with your rent income.

    • Flexible Gradual Housing Loan

    TEB offers you Flexible GFradual Housing Loan, for which you can determine your repayment schedule with respect to you expenditures. Determine your repayment installment amounts at your discretion and relieve yourself of potential troubles.

    Here is TEB’s Flexible Gradual Housing Loan with affordable interest rate and advantageous, long maturity term deals so you do not have to postpone your home-owning plans due your other expenses.

    • 100 % Housing Loan

    100 % Housing Loan addresses exactly your needs if you are short in the down payment for the house you wish to own or you have investment the down payment amount in another investment instrument.

    We extend you loan for up to 75 % of the appraised value of the house you intend to purchase. For the portion by 25 %, we offer a supplementary loan against cash cover or mortgage to be created on another real property you own. Hence, you take out the entire loan amount you need subject to affordable interest rate and advantageous maturity term deals, and own your new home without any financial troubles. Moreover; when the outstanding amount repayable decreases to the level that does not require a secondary security guarantee, we release your secondary mortgage or cash block without the settlement of your loan.

    • Principal Amount Deferment Housing Loan

    Take out your housing loan now, and do not start repaying your principal amount before 36 months if you so wish. Here is TEB’s Principal Amount Deferment Housing Loan so that you can relieve yourself of the interest burden first, and start your principal amount repayment subsequently.

    The Principal Amount Deferment Housing Loan allows you to repay only the interest accrued on your housing loan for up to 36 months. The installment amounts, which you will start repaying in the aftermath of such period, during which you will pay only the interest amount, will be the same as such, for which principal amount deferment does not apply.

    • Periodical Repayment Housing Loan

    You can structure your housing loan repayment in installments as payable in every 2 months or quarterly. Here is TEB’s Periodical Repayment Housing Loan so that you can conveniently allocate your funds to other expenditure needs without being troubled with loan repayment installments every month.

    You can structure your housing loan repayment in installments as payable in every 2 months or quarterly. The periodical interest accruable is calculated on the basis of the repayment period to be determined at your discretion and interest rate, whereupon your periodical installment amount will be calculated.

    • Gradual Decreasing Housing Loan

    You would like your loan repayment amounts to decrease gradually with respect to your prospective income and expenses in the future? Here is TEB’s Gradual Decreasing Housing Loan for you.

    Take out TEB’s Gradual Decreasing Housing Loan if you want your loan repayment installment amounts to decrease gradually in the future. After a specific period of time from your beginning to repay your loan installments in fixed amount, you can start paying your repayment installments at lower amounts and you can maintain decreasing your installments on periodical basis and by specific ratios.

    • Gradual Increasing Housing Loan

    Start repaying your housing loan in lower amount installments, and have your repayment installment amounts increased in line without the increase of your income. Here is TEB’s Gradual Increasing Housing Loan so that you can increase your loan repayment amounts with respect to the prospective increase in your income.

    Take out TEB’s Gradual Increasing Housing Loan if you want your loan repayment installment amounts to increase gradually in the future. You can increase the amount of your repayment installments in specific periods and by specific ratios, say every 6 months or 12 months, in line with the prospective increase in your income.

    • Discount Housing Loan

    Here is your Housing Loan at TEB so that you can repay a certain amount in advance and keep your installment amounts low, utilizing your housing loan. Would you like to pay your saving in advance, utilize TEB Housing Loan at discounted rates, have your monthly installments decreased and own your home conveniently? Here is TEB’s Discount Housing Loan.

    Pay some 1 to 5 % of your loan amount with your savings, and have your loan interest rate decreased. The Discount Housing Loan enables you to pay lower amount repayment installments and own your home, conveniently.

    • Interim Repayment Housing Loan

    TEB offers you the Interim Repayment Housing Loan so that you can settle the repayment amount of your loan when you are paid bonuses or have your income increased and decrease the amount of remaining repayment installments.

    TEB’s Interim Repayment Housing Loan allows you to effectuate interim repayments in the periods and amounts at your discretion throughout the repayment maturity term of your loan. Once your interim repayment is effectuated, the outstanding amount of your loan will be equally distributed to the remaining months of the applicable maturity term.

    • Intermission Housing Loan

    Take intermission grace periods for any 2 months at your discretion in your regular loan repayments. TEB offers you the Intermission Housing Loan, which allows you to take grace periods without default interest accrual for any 2 months throughout the year in the repayment of your housing loan and so to save funds for your other needs…

    Intermission Housing Loan is available for any housing loan you take out from TEB, which meets the following requirements;

    • TL
    • Equal installment amounts
    • utilized minimum 6 months before the then current date,
    • repaid regularly without defaults


    Come to benefit from these custom repayment schedules, designed exclusively for your budget.

    Are you in urgent need for cash? Apply now for TEB Practical Personal Finance Loan, and receive the result of your application instantly via your mobile phone.

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