House Support Service

Now those who have utilized home loan from TEB shall also get Official Housing Transactions Support along with the Assistance Services.

House Support Service

    Great Support, Great Convenience by TEB for Housing Loan Clients!

    TEB’s housing loan customers, now, not only enjoy House-Related Formalities Support but also may receive Assistance Services. They merely enjoy their stay at their conveniently owned new houses. They also have access to the satisfaction of numerous needs with TEB’s Housing Assistance Card.

    Relocation Support Services

    Your service package covers the conclusion of the red-tape transactions related to your house, housing aid coverage items and also coverage items for your house repair needs subject to specific limits.*

    1. House-Related Formalities Support**

    The cancellation at the former location of your power, water, natural gas and landline subscriptions and transfer of residence to the new location, both free of charge.

     2. House Repair and Comprehensive Organization Services:

    The full renovation of your house in the event of any damage or any wear and tear to such sensitive areas as rooms, bathrooms and kitchen for the most affordable costs.

    Assistance Services

     1. House Aid Coverage

    The House Aid Coverage Package covers limited indoor water and power installation repair, locksmith service, land ambulance service to home and glass breakage support as well as unlimited house information hotline and discount house repair organization services.  

    2. Check-Up Services***

    The service charge for the 3 Check-Up Packages offered will be applied to you on discount basis.

    • Mini Check-Up
    • Mini Check-Up
    • Mini Check-Up for Children

    3. Medical Network Services

    Discount by 5 to 40 % at healthcare institutions for inpatient treatment, examination and consultation, medical laboratory services, rediological services, modern imaging methods, pharmacy, medicinal drugs, cosmetics, optical and physical treatment services.

     4. Social Services

    • Booking Services
    • Transportation Services
    • Administrative Services
    * The House-Related Formalities Support credit line to be extended by the Bank for Formalities shall be valid for a period of one month from the date of utilization.

    ** The House-Related Formalities Support is available for
    Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, only. The maximum service period is 3 days. The Bank shall not be responsible for any delays to arise in respect of the amounts payable to concerned entities and agencies for subscription. Any notarization costs shall be borne by the customer. The Bank should duly be information minimum 3 days in advance. The customer shall be responsible for any amounts payable to concerned entities and agencies for the transfer of subscriptions. Call TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 or visit TEB Branches for further information.

    *** TEB shall not be responsible for the problems to arise in relation to the coverage of the check-up services.
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