CEPTETEB Mobile Banking

CEPTETEB Mobile Banking

    Moreover, CEPTETEB offers the feature to withdraw monies from ATMs without a physical card through the use of QR code for the first time in the world. CEPTETEB enables you to conduct your banking transactions rapidly, practically, securely and free of charge anywhere and at any time. My Financial Standing, the novel function of CEPTETEB, enables you to instantly access to all your asset and liability details and enjoy the convenience of tracking the dates and status of your payments through your schedule.

    Click here to find out how you can withdraw monies from ATMs without a physical card through the use of a QR code.

    Even if you have not been introduced to TEB yet, you can access to market information such as the exchange rates applicable for EUR and USD through the Market Information menu, and easily conduct your daily financial calculations such as loan-related calculations as well as deposit return calculations by means of the calculation tools.

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    You can conduct the following transactions through CEPTETEB:

    • Viewing Market Information
    • Viewing ATM/ Branch Information
    • Viewing Asset/ Liability Information
    • Viewing Account Information
    • Money Transfers
    • Credit Card Transactions
    • Bill Payment Transactions  
    • Investment Transactions
    • Withdrawal of Monies without a Physical Card through QR Codes
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