Travel Health Insurance

Your health during your travels is under our protection!

Travel Health Insurance

    Travel Health Insurance is an insurance product which covers emergency health problems that may occur during your travels abroad and of which its scope is widened with Zurich Insurance Assistance Services  depending on the choosen package. 

    Travel Health Insurance provides coverage for you under the following circumstances:

    • Expenses related to diagnostics and treatments carried out in ambulatory examinations, and medical supplies used and medicines prescribed by the relevant doctor.
    • Hospital treatment expenses caused by an accident or sudden illness.
    • Transfer or transportation of the insured for medical reasons.
    • In case of the death of the insured, expenses related to the transfer of the deceased in compliance with medical requirements, or burial in that country.
    • Expensed that may occur due to a terrorist attack.
    • Zurich Insurance Assistance Services  (It is given only with the 2nd alternative package).

    Coverage Limits:

    Region-1:  Schengen Countries and the Entire World (Except USA,Canada and Japon).

    Region-2: Schengen Countries and the Entire World (USD 50,000  for USA, Canada and Japan; Euro 30,000 for the other countries).


    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and Travel Health Insurance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.

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