New Golden Age

New Golden Age

    With TEB New Golden Era, your golds are safe! From quarter gold coins to Republic Gold Coins, from earrings to necklaces and from rings to bracelets; convert all your physical golds to pure gold through the contracted jewelers and keep them safe in TEB …

    In this way;

    • It eliminates the risk of theft of your gold,
    • It eliminates the risk of old-dated gold,
    • It does not pay any safe-deposit box fee,
    • It does not pay any account maintenance fee,
    • It can convert your golds into cash anytime you need through the Internet Banking, call-center and ATMs.
    • Transactions can be conducted not only in certain branches on specific days but over the entire year through our widespread contracted jeweler network.
    • You can open a Time-Deposit Gold Account to keep and save your golds and can also get an interest income over them.

    To get more detailed information about the transaction and the contracted jewelers, we are waiting you to the TEB Branch nearest to you.

    For the list of contracted jewelers, please click here.
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