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Gold Loan

The Gold Loan is extended by the Bank to real and legal persons operating in jewelry sector on a gram-per-gram basis with a minimum of 250 grams.

Gold Installment Loan

TEB offers an important novelty to the Jewellery Sector: Gold Installment Loan!

Jewellery Package Insurance

Gold Account

You may invest in gold with no labor-cost and without getting exposed to the risks of being lost or stolen.

Gold Fund

24-hours easily tradable! 24 Carat Fund while buying, keeping and also selling it!

Gold Support Line

For detailed information on Gold Banking products, you can call the phone number 444 0 667.

Silver Account

You can make use of your savings by investing in silver and you can easily buy-sell silver just like buying/selling foreign currency.

New Golden Age

With TEB New Golden Era, your golds are safe!

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