TEB Practical Personal Loan

Do you need money urgently? Apply for TEB Practical Consumer Loan with special interest rates and receive the reply directly to your mobile phone.


    Are you in urgent need for cash? Apply now for TEB Practical Personal Finance Loan offered under exclusive interest rate deals in the new year, and receive the result of your application instantly via your mobile phone. You can place an online loan application for any and all cash needs of yours now even if you are not a TEB customer.

    Exemplary Repayment Schedule:

    Loan Amount

    Maturity Term (Months)

    Interest Rate

    Monthly Installment Amount

    Total Costs

    Monthly Cost Rate

    Annual Cost Rate

    TL 2,000



    TL 177.92

    Filing Cost
    TL 0

    TL 76



    TL 7,500



    TL 267.90

    Filing Cost
    TL 0

    TL 76



    * The exemplary repayment schedule has been drawn up for TL 2,000 to be repaid in 12 months and TL 7,500 to be repaid in 36 months. Total costs consist of loan life insurance premium designated for TL 7,500 loan. The loan life insurance premium amounts to TL 76 for the first year. The insurance premium to apply in the following years for the loan extended will be calculated annually on the basis of the remaining principal loan amount. The insurance cost and the legal taxes are inclusive to the monthly and annual cost rates. TEB shall be entitled to freely assess the loan applications and deny any loan application, which it may deem unacceptable. The monthly repayment installment amount for the loan may change depending on the amount of loan extended. TEB reserves the right to modify the campaign terms at any time.

    • The photocopy of the ID card (birth certificate) or the driving license of the applicant.

    The responses provided through non-branch channels only constitute pre-approval and the Bank shall be entitled to make the final decision on the extension of any approved loan. The Bank is entitled to require guarantors and supplemental documents in cases, where it may deem necessary. The same documents will be required also in respect of the guarantor. *** Call TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 or visit TEB Branches for further information on TEB Practical Personal Finance Loans.

    * SMS 4466 service is available for Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone subscribers. The same number (4466) applies for all operators.

    ** The customer shall be charged for each SMS sent and received for application purposes on the basis of the respective operator’s tariff. The customer shall be charged for TL 1, including VAT and SCT, by Avea, TL 1.3, including VAT and SCT, by Turkcell and TL 0.8, including VAT and SCT, by Vodafone. Each operator’s right to revise the respective unit prices thereof is reserved.

    *** The obtainment of a proof of income is not mandatory; however, the Bank may require such where it may so deem necessary. The applicants of TEB Practical Personal Finance Loan should be retired, self-employed or professional on salary basis to be eligible for their application to be taken into consideration at the branch.

    • teb.com.tr
    • TEB Internet Branch
    • SMS 4466
    • TEB’s ATMs

    TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666

    Once you fully complete the entire process of application for TEB Practical Personal Finance Loan through any of the available channels at your discretion, the response on your loan application will be communicated to your mobile phone in short text message form. You may, then, utilize your loan, if approved, at any TEB Branch.

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