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Cash Loans

Take advantage of the loans exclusive for your company.

Non-Cash Loans

Make your import and export transactions easier with the guarantee letters and letters of credit.

Exim Bank Loans

In order to benefit from the low-interest rate Exim Bank Loans, you can get help from our branches during the application stage and also for the letter of intent and letter of guarantee issues.

Supports of Undersecretariat of Treasury

We, in cooperation with the Undersecretariat of Treasury, lower the financing costs of the investments with a tenor of more than one year which to be benefited from the regional subsidies and of Research & Development and environmental investments.

Loan Guarantee Fund

If you employ less than 250 employees, your access to cost-efficient medium or long-term loans, depending on your needs, get easier through credit guarantee fund.

Agreements with Chambers

The members of the Chambers of Industry and Trade with whom an agreement has been signed can utilize commercial installment loans in accordance with the limits, maturity and payment structure specified within the scope of the protocol.

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