Using Other Bank ATM's

Using Other Bank ATM's

    All ATMs of Turkey are united!

    As of 01 October 2009, all ATMs in Turkey are united under a single platform. You can reach to your accounts with other banks in the country or abroad through TEB Express or TEB Express Plus ATMs and you can withdraw money, view your account balance, withdraw cash advance and change/set your password.

    In addition to TEB Express and TEB Express Plus ATMs, you can also conduct balance inquiry and cash withdrawal transactions from ATMs of other banks in the country with your TEB Bank Card.

    Except TEB Express ATMs, the transaction fee charged on each money withdrawal made from other banks’ ATMs is TL 4.50; the balance inquiry fee is TL 1- per transaction.

    Depending on the logo existing on your card, you can also withdraw cash in abroad from the ATMs having Electron, Plus, Maestro or Cirrus logo.
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