Using ATM's Abroad

Using ATM's Abroad

    With your TEB bank and credit card, you may conduct your cash withdrawal and cash advance transactions from BNP Paribas’ ATMs in various countries. Apart from the group banks, you may also receive these services from other contracted banks of BNP Paribas and their ATMs free of charge. This service is offered in 6 continents from approximately 50.000 ATMs.

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    Countries and Banks that you may withdraw cash without paying any charge (*)

    1. Germany Deutsche Bank
    2. USA Bank of the West, First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of America
    3. Anguilla Scotiabank
    4. Antigua and Barbuda Scotiabank
    5. Australia Westpac
    6. Bahamas Scotiabank
    7. Barbados Scotiabank
    8. Belgium BNP Paribas Fortis
    9. Belize Scotiabank
    10. British Virgin Islands (BVI) Scotiabank
    11. Burkina Faso BICIAB
    12. Cayman Islands Scotiabank
    13. Algeria BNP Paribas El Djazair
    14. Cook Islands Westpac
    15. China Bank of Nanjing
    16. Dominica Scotiabank
    17. Dominican Republic  Scotiabank
    18. Morocco  BMCI
    19. Ivory Coast BICICI
    20. France  BNP Paribas
    21. Guyane BNP Paribas Guyane
    22. Gabon  BICIG
    23. Guinea BICIGUI
    24. Grenada Scotiabank
    25. Guadeloupe BNP Paribas Guadeloupe
    26. Guyana Scotiabank
    27. South Africa ABSA
    28. India Deutsche Bank
    29. United Kingdom Barclays
    30. Spain Deutsche Bank
    31. Italy  BNL
    32. Jamaica  Scotiabank
    33. Canada Scotiabank
    34. Carribean Scotiabank
    35. Kenya Barclays
    36. Luxembourg BGL
    37. Mali BICIM
    38. Martinique BNP Paribas Martinique
    39. Mauritius Barclays
    40. Mexico Scotiabank
    41. Papuasie New Guinea Westpac
    42. Peru Scotiabank
    43. Poland BNP Paribas Polska, Deutsche Bank
    44. Puerto Rico Scotiabank
    45. La Reunion BNP Paribas La Reunion
    46. Samoa  Westpac
    47. Senegal BICIS
    48. Solomon Islands Westpac
    49. St. Kitts and Nevis Scotiabank
    50. St. Lucia Scotiabank
    51. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Scotiabank
    52. St. Maarten (Netherland Antilles) Scotiabank
    53. Chile Scotiabank
    54. Tanzania Barclays
    55. Tonga Westpac
    56. Trinidad and Tobago Scotiabank
    57. Tunisia UBCI
    58. Turks and Caicos Scotiabank
    59. U.S Virgin Islands (USVI) Scotiabank
    60. Ukraine UkrSibbank
    61. Vanuatu Westpac
    62. Nouvelle Calédonie BNP Paribas Nouvelle Calédonie
    63. New Zealand Westpac
    64. Zimbabwe Barclays

    * Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Scotia Bank, West Pac

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