Privacy Policy


    You can visit the pages of TEB’s website, get information about our products and services, read our reports provided on such pages, and get benefit from our human resources and other detailed services without disclosing any personal information.

    If you provide any of your personal information, such information will not be shared with any third person or entity without your prior knowledge or consent or unless being legally required. Such information will be protected under our highest safety and confidentiality standards.

    If you do not wish to receive any information from our bank via communication channels such as short messages (SMS), e-mails, etc.; you may simply inform us by calling 0 850 2000666 TEB Telephone Banking or by sending a free SMS containing the text “IPTAL” (“Cancel” in English) to 2941 by using your mobile phone.

    The information provided in our website has been prepared in accordance with the applicable laws; and any possible amendments or changes in such laws, tax rates and practices may affect the accuracy of such information. This information is provided only for enabling the investors to take their own investment decisions; and is absolutely not construed either as an offer or as an investment advice.

    TEB will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages or expenses which may arise as a result of any error, disruption, delay in information flow, computer virus, line and/or system breakdown during the use of our website.

    TEB provides links and pointers to other websites managed by third parties. TEB does not control the contents of such websites and TEB does not provide any guarantee against any possible damages which may arise from the use of such sites.

    The copyrights of any and all information and materials provided in our website and the copyrights of editing these information and material are owned by TEB. Our bank reserves any and all copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights related to the information and materials included in our website. No person/entity can use any specific part of our website in another website or create a link of another website in our website without taking prior written consent of our Bank.

    All domestic and foreign market tables and charts provided in our website have been received from the third parties and institutions from which services are received in the related areas; and only prepared for providing general information without TEB’s seek to derive any material benefit. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the domestic and foreign market tables and charts provided on our website; and such information is not provided to derive a specific income. Therefore, TEB is not responsible for the errors or deficiencies in the tables and charts containing domestic and foreign market data, or for any direct or indirect pecuniary/non-pecuniary damages and expenses that may arise due to the errors or deficiencies in the transactions based on these tables and charts as provided in this site and for any losses and expenses whatsoever that may be suffered by third parties in respect thereof.

    If you would like to receive more information about our privacy policy, you can contact us via our call center and our branches any time desired.

    Information on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data  

    Türk Ekonomi Bankası A. Ş., with a responsibility that is invested by being a bank, shows the utmost care relating to the provision of confidentiality and security of personal data it collects and processes. TEB A.Ş. Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy is prepared with the main purpose of ensuring transparency, accountability and disclosure to concerned parties in accordance with the Law No.6698 on Protection of Personal Data and related legislation.

    You can click here to access TEB A.Ş. Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy for further details.

    Click here to access the Form for the Use of Rights Relating to Personal Data, which is prepared in order for our customers or non-customers that have already given his/her personal data to our Bank to use their rights conferred by the Law. 


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