Principal Protected Sub-Funds Under Umbrella Fund

Principal Protectective Sub-Funds under Umbrella Fund

    TEB Principal Protected Sub-Funds Under Umbrella Fund

    Principal Protective Sub-Funds Under Umbrella Fund are investment instruments with minimum 6 month terms and over; which, if held till maturity, aims to provide best possible protection for the principal whereby the increase in fund value depends on the underlying stock exchange, foreign currency, precious metal prices or indexes.In these funds, unlike other classical funds, the holding period (lock-up period) and the maturity are designated.  Investors, if they held the fund till the designated maturity date, get protection for principal at the end of the maturity.  In addition to this, the investors can also have an opportunity to earn a certain amount of profit in the event that the option of the underlying asset on which the fund made investment acts in accordance with the principles specified in the prospectus and internal regulations of the fund.

    You can get detailed information about TEB Principal Protective Funds, its prospectus and internal regulations from continuous information form.

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    TEB offers you the formula for making an investment without losing your principal!

    B-Type 100% Principal Protective Thirty-Ninth Sub-Fund under TEB Principal Protective Umbrella Fund and B-Type 100% Principal Protective Fortieth Sub-Fund under TEB Principal Protective Umbrella Fund will be offered to the public between the dates of 05/11/2012 – 09/11/2012 .

    Disclaimer: Turkish Economy Bank Co. Mutual Funds are managed by TEB Portfolio Management Company. The past performances of fund portfolios cannot be an indication of their future performance. The principal protection and income above the principal amount targeted by Principal Protective Funds Under Umbrella Fund are not guaranteed and bear the risk of nonrealization at the maturity.

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