Your Savings

We support you while you define your investment strategy that best suits your targets.

Your Savings | TEB Doctors Package

    1. Term Deposits

    Exclusive term deposit interest rates for doctors.

    2. Handy Account

    The Handy Account allows you to both build up savings and to withdraw and deposit monies as frequently as you may wish. Besides, you shall not be charged any account maintenance fees for and may conduct EFT and internal remittance transactions free of charges on the Handy Account.*

    3. Your Portfolio Manager

    Your expert Portfolio Manager will add further value to your savings through his/ her knowledge and experience about markets, and support you in the determination of your investment strategy toward the accomplishment of your financial targets in line with your risk perception, needs and expectations.**

    4. Star Pro Investment Model

    The Star Pro Investment Model offers you the most suitable portfolio management service in line with your expectations and risk preferences.**

    5. Mutual Funds

    The mutual funds backed by miscellaneous market dynamics allow you to turn your savings into account, and, if you so wish, you may conduct trading transactions on such securities as Treasury Bills, Eurobonds and options.

    6. Depo-fund Account

    The Depo-fund Account invests a specified portion of your savings into such mutual funds you may prefer, and offers more attractive return deals than those of a regular term deposit account for the remaining portion.***

    • The Handy Account will ensure your savings to grow on daily basis in the form of overnight term deposit by exclusive interest rates applicable. You may deposit and withdraw monies at any time, and further conduct EFT/ internal remittance transactions free of charge. Moreover, you shall not be charged any account maintenance fees. Free EFT transactions may be conducted only throughout the regular business hours of the bank. The Handy Account allows you to conduct EFT (only within the EFT operation hours), bank transfer or internal remittance transactions, and to withdraw monies via the ATMs at any time throughout the entire day except for the period of time between 03:00 am and 04:00 am.
    ** This service is available only such customers, whose total average business volume with TEB is TL 100,000 or more for a period of 30 days.
    *** The Depo-fund is available only for natural person customers. The legal person customers may not open a Depo-fund Account.

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