My Health Insurance

Your health is under our protection!

My Health Insurance

    With My Health Insurance,  your medical expenses for inpatient care that occur within the country are under our coverage...In addition, with Personal Accident coverage, you can also take yourself and the ones you love under protection against the Death and Permanent Disablement risks.

    If you are older than 14 days and under the age of 65, you can purchase My Health Insurance and take your health expenses under guarantee by paying TL 567 premium.

    Inpatient Treatment Coverage

    Hospital Treatment Coverage:

    All expenses incurred in relation to inpatient medical treatment for minimum 24 hours (normal room or emergency intensive care unit) which does not require surgical operation .

    • Coverage of surgical operations,
    • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis,
    • Artificial limb,
    • Expenses related to hand, leg, eye prothesis (covered up to TL 5.000 annually and on an event basis within the coverage limits),
      • Small Intervention,
        • Inpatient treatments not exceeding 24-hours without any surgical operations,
        • Surgical and orthopedic interventions up to 150 TL per event as per the Minimum Fee Tariff of the Turkish Medical Association are covered with annual TL 500 limit.
    • Hospital Room, Food and Accompanier expenses,
    • Surgical Indemnity Benefit (SIB); Provided that the surgical expenses within the scope of insurance coverage are not claimed from the insurer and the surgery is verified by doctor reports, the cost of the relevant surgery is paid to the insurer as limited to the Health Application Communique published by the Ministry of Finance.
    • Emergency Transport; In case of emergency situations, expenses incurred in relation to the interventions made to insurer at the place and/or the tranportation of the insurer to the nearest health institution by land ambulance.

    Individual Accident Coverage:

    • Death : The situation where the insurer’s death occurred as a result of an unexpected and sudden accident including purse-snatching.
    • Permanent Disability :The situation where the insurer became permanently disabled as a result of an unexpected and sudden accident including purse-snatching.

    Dental and X-Ray Examination:

    The dental and x-ray expenses are covered by My Health Insurance policy from contracted health organizations with an annual TL 40.000 limit and 90% coverage rate. The expenses outside of contracted health organizations are covered within Minimum Fee Tariff of the Turkish Dental Medical Association and with an annual TL 40.000 limit and 90% coverage rate.


    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and My Health Insurance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.
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