TEB World Professional Card

The privileges which will support your life style are available in TEB World Professional Card.

TEB World Professional Card | Pharmacists Package

    For Your Pharmacy

    TEB Business Card

    TEB Business Card allows you to securely incur the necessary expenditures for your pharmacy business. You can pay the bills related to your pharmacy business through Automatic Payment, and conduct installment shopping transactions at member businesses.

    For Your Life

    TEB World Professional Card

    Time for the pharmacists to meet TEB World Professional Card with its exclusive privileges, designed to offer countless opportunities and great deals in your expenditures and to support you in the maintenance of your way of life! 

    • Discount deals by 5 % to 25 % at roughly 1,500 healthcare providers.
    • Free access to and utilization for 5 times a year of Lounge Pass halls, available at 100 airports in 40 countries worldwide.*
    • Free transfer to and from the airport for twice a year in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.**
    • Entitlement to exemption from service charges in respect 5 domestic or international flight tickets in a year.***
    • Entertainment, style, holiday advisory.
    • Free Travel Insurance for a maximum coverage period of 10 days for 3 times a year for your travels in abroad.
    • Personal Records Service
    • Translation organization service
    • Holiday advisory.

    Moreover, TEB World Professional Card exclusively offers some TL 3,000 daily cash withdrawal limit!

    * The Lounge Pass service requires reservation 48 hours in advance.
    ** This service requires your travel period to be minimum 7 days.
    *** The respective holders of TEB World Professional Card are exempted from ticket service charges, which are normally applicable for each ticket, in respect of either domestic or international flight tickets to be purchased through the agency of Back Up Travel.

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