Personel Loan


    We are there for you and your cash needs with our TEB Personal Finance Loans, offering exclusive solutions for you. Pay a visit to our branches with required documents, utilize your loan within 24 hours and enjoy TEB’s world of opportunities.

    The interest rate related to your personal finance loan will remain unaffected by the interest rate fluctuations in the market and remain fixed throughout the entire maturity term. You can utilize TEB Personal Finance Loan under long maturity term deals, which extend up to 36 months, and repay it in installments conveniently.


    • The photocopy of the ID card (birth certificate) or the driving license of the applicant.
    • Proof of Income / Payroll
    • Balance sheets for the last 3 years, Tax Certificate and the extract from the Trade Registry Gazette for the self-employed and business owners

    * In the cases where the payroll slip for the professionals employed on salary basis  is delivered under letterhead , the list of authorized signatories of the concerned company shall be required.
    ** The Bank is entitled to require guarantors and supplemental documents in cases, where it may deem necessary. The same documents will be required also in respect of the guarantor.
    *** Call TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 or visit TEB Branches for further information on the Personal Finance Loans.

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