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From office renovation to home loans, we are next to you for all your cash needs.

Your Financing Needs | Lawyer Packages
    • Office Renovation and Support Loan: Flexible repayment schedule and affordable interest rates to support your workplace renovations, decorations and repair costs or office equipment purchases…

    • TEB Overdraft Deposit Account, featuring Affordable Rates.

    • Vehicle Loan: Vehicle Loan to cover your finance needs in purchasing vehicles of any brand up to 100 % of the vehicle price…

    • 100 % Housing Loan: 100 % Housing Loan addresses exactly your needs if you are short in the down payment for the house you wish to own or you have investment the down payment amount in another investment instrument.

    • Intermission Housing Loan: Take intermission grace periods for any 2 months at your discretion in your regular loan repayments.

    • New Beginnings Housing Loan: No more hard times in raising funds for the down payment of your new house!  TEB offers you the “New Beginnings Housing Loan” so you do not have to stand by for the disposal of your former house.

    • Relocation and House Support Package: The Relocation and House Support Package is available for our customers, who utilize housing loan from TEB.  The package includes the cancellation at the former location and transfer to the new location of the residence registration as well as the power, water and natural gas subscriptions upon a power of attorney to be issued through the agency of a notary public as well as limited house support services, unlimited house repair organization service, discount check-up and medical network services at your expense and unlimited social services organization.*

            Furthermore; our free advisory services for relocation to another city are also available as a part of the package.**

    * The Relocation and House Support Package is available for the professional TEB customers, who utilize a housing loan product. TEB shall be entitled to cease the effectiveness of the said deals at any time. The support for formalities as included in the Relocation and House Support Package is available only for Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. A power of attorney should duly be issued through the agency of a notary public for the formalities support. TEB shall not be held liable for any changes to the prices and the quality of the check-up services. The formalities support shall be available for a period of 1 month from the actual utilization of the housing loan.
    ** Local / inter-city relocation advisory is available only for the holders of TEB Platinum Card.

    • Training and Seminar Loan: An exclusive credit facility for up to TL 30,000 to cover your training course and seminar participation costs.

    • Let TEB Leasing add value to your business: TEB Leasing is there for you and your financing needs related to your domestic or international equipment purchases such as office equipment and power generators... Apply to TEB Leasing now and experience your privileges offered by our solutions, designed exclusively to address your needs.
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