Mevdufon Account

Mevdufon Account

    Mevdufon Account offers bilateral advantages for your savings that you can have a deposit interest for the part of time deposit account and you may also have mutual funds return according to the part of mutual funds which are invested in various instruments and managed by TEB Asset Management with professional investment expertise.

    Mevdufon Account’s content is differentiated by taking into consideration of account opening amount, maturity period, mutual fund type, percentage distribution of the deposit and mutual fund in the Mevdufon Account and the time deposit interest rate.

    In Mevdufon Account, you may prefer 10%, 20% or 30% as your fund share. Type of mutual fund cannot be changed during maturity period. Your selected mutual fund shall be kept blocked until the term of the time deposit has expired. At the end of maturity 15% tax is applied for deposit interest income and 10% tax is applied for mutual funds return and only 0% tax is applied for intensive equity fund.

    Mevdufon Account interest rates can be different according to the deposited amount below 100.000,00 TL and over 100.000,00 TL during the account opening. For further information you can review the interest rates table under interest rates tab on the webpage.

    You can open a Mevdufon Account through TEB Branches and also CEPTETEB Individual Internet Branch.

    *In case of a change in the existing mutual fund types, you can find the updated mutual fund information in the related product form and the respective announcements.

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