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Teb Hakkinda Teb Holdıng

TEB Holding A.Ş. – Parent Company

You may access to communication information and reports of TEB Holding A.Ş.

Teb Hakkinda Bnp Paribas Financial Leasing

BNP Paribas Financial Leasing A.Ş.

Entering into service in 1997, BNP Paribas Financial Leasing A.Ş. renders financial lesaing service for institutional and individual investors in our country’s economy developing rapidly.

Teb Hakkinda Teb Arval

TEB Arval Vehicle Fleet Leasing A.Ş.

TEB ARVAL Vehicle Fleeting Leasing A.Ş, was found in February 2007 as an affiliate of TEB Financial Investors A.Ş. to give Operational Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management services for its customers.

 Teb Hakkinda Teb Factoring

TEB Factoring A.Ş.

TEB Faktoring A.Ş was found in October 1997 as an affiliate of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) to render domestic and abroad factoring services.

Teb Hakkinda Teb Cetelem

TEB Financing A.Ş. / TEB Cetelem

TEB Financing A.Ş. (TEB Cetelem, which is a Paribas Personal Finance and TEB Financial Investors A.Ş. Partnership, is a consumer financing company operating in Turkey since 1995.

Teb Hakkinda Teb Portfolio Management

TEB Portfolio Management A.Ş.

Founded in 1999, TEB Portfolio Management continues its activities as an affiliate of BNP IP that is a global player in asset managemen field and adopts the customer oriented service model as well as TEB that is one of leading banks of Turkey with branch more than 500.

Teb Hakkinda Teb Investment

TEB Investment Securities A.Ş.

You may access to communication information of TEB Investment.

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