Your Financing Needs

Flexible terms and attractive interests for all needs of your pharmacy are available in TEB!

Your Financing Needs | Parhmacists Package

    For Your Pharmacy

    TEB offers Cash Loans with varying utilization terms, maturity term and interest rate options and facilities to address any and all needs of your pharmacy!

    • You need support for your business operations? - Here are our installment or non-installment cash loans offered with various maturity term options and repayment terms.
    • You would like to start or renovate your pharmacy business? - Our Workplace Loan, which you may repay in equal installments or in a customized repayment schedule to be determined under your repayment terms, is at your service.
    • You would like to buy a vehicle for your pharmacy? - TEB offers the most affordable interest rates for your vehicle purchase for the purpose of the business operations of your pharmacy.
    • You need to defer your payments in consideration of your goods procurements? - Defer your payments to your contracted suppliers in consideration of your goods procurements through TEB's Direct Debiting System and T-Card solutions within the lines allocated to you.
    • You need support with your daily cash flow? - Fulfill your payment obligations, which become due, on your Overdraft Commercial Deposit Account even when your balance of account is not available.

    For Your Life

    • TEB has a solution for each and every need of yours! - We are there for you and your cash needs with our TEB Personal Finance Loans, offering exclusive solutions for you.
    • Training and Seminar Loan – Financial support by TEB at exclusively affordable interest rates for your training and seminar participations.
    • Overdraft Account – Effectuate without delay your bill payments, loan repayments and other payments, for which an automatic or regular payment instruction has been placed on your overdraft deposit account that also allows you to withdraw cash monies within the line allocated to you even when your balance of account is not available.
    • TEB supports you in financing the purchase of your new car! - TEB Vehicle Loan helps you sweep your feet off the ground. Take out a TEB Vehicle Loan at the most advantageous terms and own your dream car, now.
    • TEB supports you in financing the purchase of your dream home! Take out a TEB Housing Loan with long maturity term and small amount installment options, and own your dream home, enjoying the advantage of repaying your loan as if you are paying rent.
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