Discount for Cinema and Theatre Tickets

TEB Bonus Card Discount for Cinema and Theatre Tickets

    50% of Your Cinema and Theatre Tickets are from TEB!

    For the total amount of TL 100 expenditures which you will make on weekdays by using your TEB Bonus Card, TEB gives 50% of your cinema and theatre tickets on the weekend as a gift!

    • The campaign is valid starting from the date of 06/02/2012.
    • 50% discount for cinema and theatre tickets to be purchased on weekend by our customers who spent TL 100 and above on weekdays will be reflected to their statements.
    • In order to benefit from this discount, TL 100 or above must have been spent on the previous weekdays.
    • Cinema and theatre tickets must be purchased on the weekend.
    • Maximum TL 50 discount can be obtained in a month.
    • Customers who spent TL 100 in total and above on weekdays till Friday 24:00 are entitled to get 50% discount for cinema and theatre tickets which they will purchase on weekend till Sunday 24:00.
    • Only sales and installment sales are included in the campaign; cash withdrawals are not included.
    • The campaign is applicable to all TEB Bonus Cards (Virtual cards and business cards are not included in the campaign).
    • Supplementary cards are included in the campaign.
    • The campaign is valid on a card basis.
    • In order to get the benefits, your last statement must be above 1.000 TL. 
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