2B Land Purchase Loan

The best opportunities for 2B Land Purchase Loan is at TEB!

2B Land Purchase Loan

    The best opportunities for 2B Land Purchase Loan is at TEB!

    Now, benefit from the loan which provides 60% discount on cash payment with 0,88% interest rate for a tenor of 3 - 60 months and 0,92% interest rate for a tenor of 61 - 120 months special for the right holders of 2B lands; and become an owner of these lands directly.

    To make a loan application, we are waiting you to the TEB Branch nearest to you. 

    Sample Amortization Table

    Loan Amount

    Loan Term

    Interest Rate

    Monthly Installment

    Total Costs

    Total Cost Ratio

    Annual Cost Ratio

    50.000 TL

    60 Months


    1.129 TL

    1.115 TL



    50.000 TL

    120 Months


    754 TL

    1.115 TL



    *This sample amortization table is prepared for a consumer loan at the amount of 50.000 TL. Total cost amount of a Consumer Loan is comprised of filing fee and loan life insurance premium determined for 10.000 TL. Filing fee is 500 TL and the premium of loan life insurance will be determined according to the loan amount. Insurance fee and legal taxes are not included to the monthly and yearly cost figures. For detailed information, you may visit TEB Branches or call 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch.  TEB reserves the right to change above-mentioned campaign conditions and to cancel the campaign. TEB is entitled to evaluate all loan applications freely and not to approve those which it considers ineligible

    Required application documents:

    • National ID Card
    • Certificate of Income /Payroll
    • For self-employed people and business owners; last 3 years of balance sheet, Tax Plate and Trade Registry Gazette 
    • Document through which the written notice is served and of which states the customer as the right holder and the amount required to be paid for the execution of deed transfer

    *For salaried employees, if the payroll is submitted by a company paper, the authorized signature circular of the company is also required.
    ** The Bank is entitled to ask for a guarantor and additional documents when it deems necessary. Same documents are required also for the guarantor.
    *** On the effective utilization of the loan, a first-degree mortgage will be established on the related land in favor of our Bank.
    **** 60% discount shall be applicable for lands up to 400 m2.

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