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You do not pay a fee for your TEB Credit Card.

Your Cards | Retired Package


    TEB Worldcard Golden Years offers you countless advantages.³

    • Exemption from card fee not only for the first year but for as long as your pension is deposited to TEB.

    • Opportunity to participate to all World deals and campaigns, to earn World points for all shopping transactions and to spend the World points so earned at any World Member Business.

    • Healthcare privileges:

         - Healthcare services free of charge and at discounted rates, free medical counsel on 7/24 basis, free hearing test by GAES in Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir, home-care service organization, discount deals by up to 40 % at clinics, hospitals, imaging and analysis centers.

         - Free dental care package available for once a year: Free dental care package, including dental cleaning, periapical film and dental examination, for once each year, and special discount deals on the basis of the list prices as announced by TDB (Turkish Dental Association) for other services.

    • Free TEB Assistance Services: Free TEB Assistance Services including vehicle aid, locksmith, electrician, glass breakage, plumber and computer use support for 24 hours a day.  

    • Free Booking Services: Free booking service for drama plays, concerts, sports matches, restaurants, domestic transportation (trains, flights, coaches etc.), car rental and numerous other matters and events.

    • Privileges of TEB Travel Line: Information about exchange rates prior to the travel, visa and passport clearance, customs rules, weather forecast, information about embassies and consulates, VIP transfer service to such local destinations as airports and hotels, discount deals for trips, hotel and transport bookings, information about activities, vehicle and driver organization for the performances or receptions, to which you would like to attend, legal and financial advisory, information about cultural activities.

    • Other Services: Courier service, flower and gift delivery, food and beverage delivery, money and advance delivery, delivery of the flight/ train tickers, which have already been booked, and of missing or left documents.

    You can conduct cash or installment shopping transactions with TEB Bonus Card as can you with TEB Worldcard Golden Years. You can earn Bonus points as you shop and enjoy the exclusive deals and campaign opportunities of TEB Bonus Card. Moreover, you can freely spend the Bonus points so earned at any Bonus Member Business.

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