Your Cash Management Needs

With our Cash Management solutions, the burden of your collection and payment days is relieved.

Your Cash Management Needs | Notary

    Remittance Tracking System

    Remittance Tracking System is a collection system which facilitates tracking of remittances incoming to your account and provides operational advantage by enabling the incoming transfers to be credited to the account through customer numbers. By whom the remittances are sent can be tracked from our accounting system; and depending on your preference, records related to the incoming transfers can also be entered to the current customer accounts automatically.

    Pool Account

    You can make your balances in the accounts within TEB branches to be automatically transferred to the pool account you shall designate on the hours you set; and in this way, you are able to consolidate your different accounts under a single account automatically.

    Social Insurance Payments

    The accrued Social Security debts can be paid automatically from TEB by an automatic payment instruction you will place to your branch for Social Security payments. If you wish, you can also make your Social Security payments online through Corporate Internet Branch.

    Automatic Invoice Payments and Regular Payments

    By a single instruction you will place to your Branch, you can enable your or your office’s invoices, installments, dues or rent to be paid automatically on their last payments dates.

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