TEB Miles Program

TEB Bonus Card TEB Miles Program

    All your spendings you will make with TEB Miles Program now become flight miles!

    From now on, you can redeem all points you earn with your TEB Credit Cards* as flight miles at TEB Travel Line; and even if you do not have any accumulated points in your card, you can get free tickets including the airport tax from any airline and to anywhere you wish by using advance miles.


    * It is applicable for all Bonus Cards except Business Cards.

    How can I earn miles?

    Each 1 TL worth Bonus you earn from the expenditures you make by using TEB Bonus Card equals to 1 Mile.*

    TL 1 Bonus = 1 Mile

    *Bonuses can be redeemed as miles but their normal usage will also continue.


    Miles Usage  

    When your available points are not sufficient to cover the value of your flight ticket or even you do not have any points, you can call TEB Travel Line and take advantage of Advance Miles privilege and purchase your flight ticket without waiting.

    In addition, you continue to earn Bonus from your expenditures you make to achieve your Advance Mile Promise.


    • When you cover the entire value of your flight ticket by using Advance Miles, in that case “Used Advance Miles = Ticket Price”. For instance; a flight ticket at a value of TL 500 equals to 500 Advance Miles.
    • The expenditures you will make to complete your Advance Miles earn you Miles at the rate of 1,5% for domestic tickets, 2,5% for Europe tickets and 3% for America/Far East/Africa tickets.*
    • You can complete the Advance Miles you used with the expenditures you will make within a year.
    • The standard miles (bonuses) you earn from your expenditures you will make by using your TEB Platinum, TEB Star Platinum, TEB Executive Platinum and TEB Executive World Signia Cards with the Bonus feature are 3 times valuable. (The miles (Bonuses) earned from Extra Bonus campaigns cannot be redeemed as 3 times valuable).
    • For the tickets purchased by Bonus cards without using Advance Miles; earning Flight Miles (Bonus) at the rate of 2% of the ticket price shall continue (applicable for both single-payment and installment transactions).


    * Flights made to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are included in the domestic flight category. Flights up to 6 hours shall earn Miles at the rate of 2,5% within Europe tickets; flights longer than 6 hours shall earn Miles at the rate of 3% within America/Far East/Africa tickets.


    General Conditions of Advance Miles Usage

    • In order to be eligible for using Advance Miles, the credit card should have an open/usable status and not been delayed more than 2 times within the last 6 months.
    • A spending commitment up to 8 times of the card limit can be given for using Advance Miles. New Advance Miles can be used without closing the existing advance miles provided that 8 times of the limit shall not be exceeded.
    • The highest amount of Advance Miles that can be used one-time and in total is limited to maximum 10.000 Miles.
    • In order to benefit from Advance Miles, the card limit should be minimum TL 750.
    • One customer can simultaneously use 2 Advance Miles at most. If 2 Advance Miles are used, then the new Advance Miles usage can be made only one day after one of the existing Advance Miles is at least closed.
    • Our customers benefited from Promise to Spend campaign cannot participate in Advance Miles Program.
    • Our customers participated in Advance Miles Program cannot benefit from the Promise to Spend campaign.  
    • Advance Miles must be completed within 1 year after their usage date.
    • TL 10 Advance Miles service fee shall be charged for each of Advance Miles usage. 
    • The Advance Miles that are failed to be closed within 1 year shall be debited to your card by adding 10% of the advance miles amount as the penalty fee.
    • Expenditures made by supplementary cards shall count on the primary card expenditures.
    • TEB reserves the right to cancel the Advance Miles Program at anytime it wishes.

    Miles amounts vary depending on the destination you wish to travel. For this reason, in addition to the ticket value, you should also enter the region you will travel to accurately.*

    * Flights made to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are included in the domestic flight category. Flights up to 6 hours shall be considered within Europe tickets; flights longer than 6 hours shall be considered within America/Far East/Africa tickets.

    Call 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch now and take advantage of TEB Travel Line services.

    • You can access TEB Travel Line services on weekdays between 09.00-18.00 hours, on Saturdays between 09.00-13.00 hours by calling 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch and pressing 1-3-2 shortcut keys.
    • Request fulfillment depends on seat availability.
    • For the flight tickets purchased by points, first the bank rules, and then the airline rules apply.
    • For the flight tickets, both the one-way and return ticket must be available.  
    • The purchased tickets cannot be cancelled and returned/refunded. Changes are subject to relevant airline rules and can only be made accordingly.
    • All costs to be incurred in relation to all changes to be made after the ticket issuance shall be borne by the card holder.
    • Due to the high-densities that may occur during the New Year, Bayram periods etc., it is recommended to make the booking requests for these periods earlier.
    • The price of the flight tickets are inclusive of airport taxes and safety insurance.
    • The flight tickets can be purchased from the contracted airlines that have permission to sell tickets in Turkey.
    • All flight tickets are issued on the basis of International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules.
    • Credit Card Holder accepts and undertakes the terms and conditions specified on the passenger ticket by the transport institution beforehand.
    • In the event the tickets are purchased from the airline companies which do not have a ticket sale office in Turkey, then all demands and change requests shall be carried out by the person purchasing the ticket by getting in touch with the relevant airline company directly.
    • Our Bank and TEB Travel Line shall assume no liability in case of any dissatisfaction and problems arising from the journey and in case of any accidents in respect thereof.
    • Our Bank and TEB Travel Line shall bear no responsibility for the fulfillment of any type of ticket change or objection requests on behalf of the relevant airline companies.
    • Our Bank and TEB Travel Line shall assume no liability for the flight cancellations and schedule changes made by the relevant airline as the transport institution.
    • The private requests made for the purchased tickets cannot be met. (Seat reservation, check-in, luggage, extra luggage, visa, transit visa, food preference, airport transfers, etc.)
    • If no seat is available for the requested flight date and/or and alternative date, then the card holder shall be responsible for following the reservations placed on the waiting list (Substitute List).
    • The issued tickets shall be sent to the e-mail address to be designated by the card holder in an electronic environment.
    • The flight tickets, price and seat availability shall be valid for the date the reservation is made.
    • Prices appearing on the internet may not be used; the internet prices and the prices in the reservation/ticketing systems of our Bank and Travel Line may be different.  In such cases, Travel Line bears no obligation to find a seat at the same prices with the internet prices.
    TEB Travel Line servise is rendered by Setur. 
    1. Which of my cards should I use to benefit from the Advance Miles Program?

    Except Business Cards, all TEB Bonus and TEB Worldcards can benefit from Advance Miles program.


    2. Through which channels I can make Advance Miles usage?

    To use your Advance Miles, all you need to do is to call TEB Travel Line.

    3. Through which channels I can make Advance Miles inquiry?

    You can inquire your Advance Miles by calling 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch and through TEB Internet Branch.

    4. Can I continue to use my miles (bonuses) accumulated in my TEB Platinum Card as 3 times valuable?

    Yes. You can continue to use your standard miles (bonuses) accumulated in your TEB platinum Card as 3 times valuable. (The miles (Bonuses) earned from Extra Bonus campaigns cannot be redeemed as 3 times valuable).

    5. Are supplementary card expenditures included in primary card expenditures?

    Yes. Expenditures made by supplementary card are included in the primary card’s statement.

    6. How shall the advance miles be transferred in case of the replacement of lost cards and Bonus promotions?

    In case of the replacement of lost cards and Bonus Promotions, the spending commitment on the old card shall be automatically transferred to the new card.

    7. Which transactions are not included in the Advance Miles Promise?

    EFT from Credit Card transactionsa and Bonus/Worldpoint usages are not included in Advance Miles Promise.

    8. Are my Advance Miles also cancelled when the card is closed?

    If you have another valid TEB Card other than your closed card, then your Advance Miles Promise shall be transferred to your valid other card. If you do not have a valid another card, then the remaining amount of the Advance Miles shall be reflected with a 10% penalty fee.

    9. I have 2 Advance Miles promise. Can I use new Advance Miles on the day I completed the required spending amount?

    You can use new Advance Miles the day after the day you completed the required spending amount.

    10. If I cancel my spending commitment to use Advance Miles, how soon after the cancellation of my spending commitment can I place an Advance Miles instruction?

    You can place your Advance Miles instruction on the same day after the cancellation of your spending commitment.

    11. Are Advance Miles extended depending on the card limit?

    Yes. Advance Miles are extended depending on the card limit. For instance; when a customer who holds 2 credit cards with TL 5.000 and TL 10.000 limits calls for his/her card with TL 5.000 limit, he/she can place a spending commitment only up to TL 40.000.

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