Land Loan

You can use your house as collateral and take a Land Loan.

Land Loan

    Designate your current house as your collateral, and utilize Land Loan up to is 60 % of expertise value of house.

    Interest of loan you utilize will not be affected from fluctuations of interest rate in market and will be fixed throughout loan maturity term. You may utilize your Land Loan with long term advantages up to 60 months and pay your instalments at your convenience.

    Required Documents for Application:

    • A copy of national ID card or driving license
    • Income certificate

         - Payroll or letterhead paper of the concerned business of the applicant if s/he is a wage-worker (if letter of the company is obtained, declaration of signature circular of the firm will be needed).

         For self-employed people; balance sheets for the past 3 years, Tax Plate and Trade Registry Gazette

    • Copy of Title Deed of Immovable Property to be taken as Mortgage (Construction Servitude/Property Ownership established)

    Please visit the nearest TEB Branch  for your applications.

    * Land Loan should be extended in returns of housing mortgage as TL.
    **The Bank reserves the right to request for additional document and guarantor when it deems necessary. A guarantor needs to provide the same documents.
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