TEB Debit Card

TEB Debit Card


    Secure Shopping

    Your bank card allows you to access your account from any place at any time without bearing the risk of carrying cash. You can safely make shopping up to the limit of your account within the country and abroad. The amount of the shopping that you make will instantly be deducted from your account; and your budget remains under your control.

    Online Shopping 

    You can safely shop online over all virtual workplaces bearing Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code logo.

    Shopping with BKM Express 

    BKM Express allows you to make fast payment without sharing your card information while you are shopping online. After defining your TEB DebitCard into the system, you can shop in all BKM Express merchant business places using your one-time passwords to be sent to your mobile phone. 

    Please click here to become a member.

     %50 Discount for your Cinema & Theatre Tickets on Weekends 

    50% of your cinema and theatre tickets purchased on weekends is returned to you as a gift from TEB for an expenditure of 100 TL in total that you will make using your TEB DebitCard on weekdays!

    Campaign Details:

    • The campaign shall be valid starting from the date of February 18, 2013.
    • 50% discount for cinema and theatre tickets to be purchased on weekends will be reflected to the statements of our customers spending 100 TL and above on weekdays.
    • In order to benefit from this discount, shopping for an amount of 100 TL and above must have been made in the previous weekdays.
    • Cinema and theatre tickets must be purchased on the weekend.
    • Maximum 50 TL discount can be achieved in 1 month.
    • Customers spending 100 TL and above in total by shopping on weekdays till Friday 24:00 shall be entitled to get 50% discount for cinema and theatre tickets that they will purchase on weekend till Sunday 24:00.
    • Only sales transactions are included in the campaign; and cash withdrawals are not included.
    • The campaign is valid on a customer basis.
    • The discount earned from the campaign shall be returned to the drawing account that the bank card is connected to if such account is open on Fridays every week.
    Use of ATMs within the Country 

    With your TEB Debit Card, you can fulfil your balance inquiry and money withdrawal transactions from TEB ATMs and the other bank ATMs within the country. In addition, you can withdraw USD, EURO and GBP as well up to your daily TL limit from your accounts using TEB ATMs.

    In order to withdraw USD, EURO and GBP within the country, it will be enough to define your relevant demand USD, EURO and STERLING accounts in TEB to your bank card from 0 850 200 0 666 TEB Telephone Branch or CEPTETEB İnternet Branch.

    Use of ATMs Abroad

    Use of ATMs abroad

    You can withdraw cash money up to your daily limit from your TL account or your FX accounts in USD, EURO, or GBP currencies that you want to use abroad from ATMs abroad. In order to withdraw money from your USD, EURO or GBP accounts while you are abroad, it is enough to define your foreign currency account that you want to use abroad from CEPTETEB Internet Branch. If you want to withdraw cash money in any different currency other than USD, EURO or GBP while you are abroad, the related amount shall be covered from your TL account.

    It is free of charge to withdraw money at the ATMs abroad with your TEB Debit Card!

    With your TEB Debit Card, you can withdraw money free of charge from BNP Paribas’ ATMs in various countries and from the other contracted banks and ATMs as well. The free-of-charge cash withdrawal service is provided at nearly 50.000 ATMs on 6 continents.

    The Countries and the Banks at which you can Withdraw Money Free of Charge*

    Germany Deutsche Bank

    United States of America Bank of the West, First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of America

    Anguilla Scotiabank

    Antigua and Barbuda Scotiabank

    Australia Westpac

    The Bahamas Scotiabank

    Barbados Scotiabank

    Belgium BNP Paribas Fortis

    Belize Scotiabank

    British Virgin Islands Scotiabank

    Burkina Faso BICIAB

    Cayman Islands Scotiabank

    Algeria BNP Paribas El Djazair

    Cook Islands Westpac

    China Bank of Nanjing

    Dominica Scotiabank

    Dominican Republic Scotiabank

    Morocco BMCI

    Cote D’Ivoire BICICI

    France BNP Paribas

    French Guiana BNP Paribas Guyane

    Gabon  BICIG

    Guinea BICIGUI

    Grenada Scotiabank

    Guadeloupe BNP Paribas Guadeloupe

    Guiana Scotiabank

    South Africa ABSA

    India Deutsche Bank

    England Barclays

    Spain Deutsche Bank

    Italy BNL

    Jamaica Scotiabank

    Canada Scotiabank

    The Caribbean Scotiabank

    Kenya Barclays

    Luxembourg BGL

    Mali BICIM

    Martinique BNP Paribas Martinique

    Mauritius Barclays

    Mexico Scotiabank

    Papua New Guinea Westpac

    Peru Scotiabank

    Poland BNP Paribas Polska, Deutsche Bank

    Puerto Rico Scotiabank

    Réunion BNP Paribas La Reunion

    Samoa  Westpac

    Senegal BICIS

    Solomon Islands Westpac

    St. Kitts and Nevis Scotiabank

    St. Lucia Scotiabank

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines Scotiabank

    St. Maarten Scotiabank

    Chili Scotiabank

    Tanzania Barclays

    Tonga Westpac

    Trinidad and Tobago Scotiabank

    Tunisia UBCI

    Turks and Caicos Islands Scotiabank

    U.S Virgin Islands Scotiabank

    Ukraine UkrSibbank

    Vanuatu Westpac

    New Caledonia BNP Paribas Nouvelle Calédonie

    New Zealand Westpac

    Zimbabwe Barclays

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