Bonus for E-Statement

Bonus for E-Statement

    Get your TEB Bonus Card Account Statement through E-Mail, Win TL 5 Bonus!

    You can place your e-statement request from TEB Internet Branch “Definitions / New Instruction” menu or 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch.  After the receipt of your request, your account statement will not be sent as a hard copy by post but will only be sent by e-mail.

    If you do not have an e-mail registered on our system; you should define your e-mail address from “Definitions- Update Information” menu.

    The bonus you earn within the campaign is loaded as “Bonus for E-Statement” and you can follow it on your account statement with this transaction explanation. 

    • In the event TEB Bonus Card statement is requested by e-mail, this request shall also be valid for graded cards (TEB Bonus Plus and TEB Bonus Premium Card). TL 5 bonus shall be loaded only one-time.
    • Our customers who hold both TEB Bonus MasterCard and TEB Bonus Visa should give a separate instruction for each of their cards.
    • Supplementary cards cannot give an instruction; only the primary card can give an instruction.
    • The credit card holder wishing to give an e-statement instruction should be paying his/her debts regularly.
    • In order to benefit from the campaign, the statement should be received only by e-mail at least for 6 months.
    • If the e-statement is not received for 6 months (in case the instruction is cancelled), TL 5 bonus is reflected to the card as an expenditure.
    • Employees of TEB and its subsidiaries cannot participate in the campaign.
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