TEB Mobile ATM

TEB Mobile ATM

    TEB Mobile ATM is at where you are!

    TEB, as a part of its continuing innovative and leading position in Retail Banking, is now launched its Mobile ATMs to the service of its customers. TEB Mobile ATMs are mainly available on certain areas/regions where bank branches and ATMs are not widely found. Thus, our bank customers as well as the customers of other banks can conduct many banking transactions in an easy manner.

    TEB Mobile ATMs will be available through the seasonal periods in the touristic regions, in special events such as games, concerts and festivals; thereby you can easily meet your cash needs with TEB Mobile ATMs.

    Transactions which you can conduct from TEB Mobile ATMs:

    • Cash Withdrawal (TL / USD / EURO)
    • Cash Advance Withdrawal
    • Installment to Cash Transactions
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Foreign Currency Transactions
    • Fund Transactions
    • Practical Credit Application
    • Money Transfer
    • Debt / Limit Information
    • TL Loading to Avea, Turkcell Prepaid Card and Vodafone Mobile Phones
    • Password Transactions
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