Conscious Shopping

TEB Bonus Conscious Shopping

    The points which you should pay attention while using your TEB Credit Card…

    • Pay particular attention to your credit card expenditures not to exceed your income.
    • The credit card shall become a tool which provides you great convenience in your shoppings and payments provided that you pay your entire credit card debt on the last payment date.  You will have an approximately 40 days for payment if you spend the day after the statement cut-off date.
    • If you are unable to pay off your credit card debt, apply to your bank immediately and make an agreement on the payment options that best suit you before the problem gets worse.
    • Cash advance interest begins to accrue on the day the money is used and continues to accrue until the payment date. For this reason, we recommend you to pay off your cash advance debt with higher interest rate at first. Do not wait till the receipt of your statement to close your cash advance debt.
    • Try to make the minimum payment of your credit card debt.  You can place an automatic payment instruction for this. Make sure that you have sufficient balance in your account on the last payment date.
    • Try not to exceed your credit card limit. Otherwise you may be charged a penalty for going over your limit.
    • If you spend abroad, the spendings you made abroad will be reflected on your statement in American Dollars. In the event your debts in your USD account statement are not paid on the last payment date, then your debt will be converted in TL with the exchange rate of the bank on that date and reflected on your TL account statement by applying cash advance interest rate.
    • You may not receive your statement on time due to postal delays. You can learn your credit card from ATMs, TEB Phone Branch, TEB Internet Branch, e-mail statement and via sms.
    • The transactions you conduct with foreign airline companies in the country will be reflected on your account statement in American Dollars. This implementation is required by insternational credit policies. 

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