Bonus for Your Promise

Bonus for Your Promise

    “Bonus for Your Promise” from TEB Bonus Card!

    By a single instruction you will give with your TEB Bonus Card, you can get bonus up to TL 500! 

    Monthly Promise to Spend

    Bonus Amount

    Promise to spend TL 250

    TL 25 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 500

    TL 50 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 750

    TL 75 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 1.000

    TL 100 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 1.500

    TL 150 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 2.000

    TL 200 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 3.000

    TL 300 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 4.000

    TL 400 Bonus

    Promise to spend TL 5.000

    TL 500 Bonus

    • This campaign is valid until 31 December 2016.
    • Bonus points are loaded to the card upon the given monthly spending commitment.
    • The spending commitment you give on all your cards cannot exceed 70% of your total limit.
    • Your usable limit should be higher than your monthly spending commitment amount (You can increase your limit by paying your credit card debt).
    • To make an application, your credit card debt should have been regularly paid retroactively in each month and should not been deferred.
    • For the transactions with installments, total spending amount on the initial shopping date will count in the monthly spending commitment required to be made each month within the scope of Bonus for Your Promise; the installment amounts afterwards will not count.
    • Cash advances and spendings reflected on your credit card as a cash advance transaction (i.e. fees and interest amounts) will not count in the monthly spending commitment.
    • The monthly commitment amount must be spent between one day after the first statement cut-off date the instruction is given and the next statement cut-off date.
    • The loaded Bonus for Your Promise amount is not included in the amount required to be earned to get promoted to Bonus Plus or Bonus Premium Card.
    • Spendings made by the Virtual Card are included in Bonus for Your Promise campaign.
    • Bonus for Your Promise may terminate under these circumstances: if the selected monthly spending commitment cannot be achieved, if your credit card debt has not been paid regularly after your participation to Bonus for Your Promise campaign and become delayed or if your card is suspended for use, if your card is cancelled and not renewed by our Bank due to the breach of the provisions of the credit card membership agreement signed with our Bank.
    • In the event the cards are closed before the campaign expiry date and the spending commitment amount cannot be achieved, the amount corresponding to 10% of total earned bonus amount shall be debited as a penalty.
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