Bill Payments

Bill Payments

    Your Bills are getting paid!

    TEB's automatic and regular payment services make life easier for you.

    By giving a single instruction, you can get your bills, installments, subscriptions or rentals paid on their last payment dates. Moreover, you can invest your money in your account in any manner you like until the last payment date. In order to benefit from these services, you just need to give an instruction through TEB Internet Branch, 0850 200 0 666 TEB Telephone Banking Branch or from any TEB Branch. In addition, if a bank-induced error happens on your automatic payments, the delay interest will be paid by TEB.*

    Account Maintenance Fee Exemption

    Account Maintenance Fee is waived for accounts maintaining 2 “Automatic Bill Payment Instructions” which are actively paid from these accounts. Account Maintenance Fee is TL 75,60 annually and collected quarterly. Banking Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) is included. Account Maintenance Fee is collected for each account, on account basis.

    Example: If there are 2 automatic bill payment instructions given on January 2012 and if each of these bills are paid at least one time in January - February - March period, then the exemption is applicable for January – March 2012 period.

    If you have a Practical Account:

    Your account balance is invested in TEB B-Type Cash Management Short-Term Bonds and Bills Fund. The TEB B-Type Cash Management Short-Term Bonds and Bills Fund in your account is automatically coverted into cash on the payment date of your bills. The balance remained in your account after the payments continues to earn as it is automatically re-invested in TEB B-Type Cash Management Short-Term Bonds and Bills Fund. Thus, you earn while your bills are being paid.

    Clich here to get detailed information about Practical Account.

    If you have a Overdraft Account:

    If you have an Overdraft Account or an Bill Overdraft Account; your bills are paid by TEB Overdraft Account even if you do not have sufficient balance in your account.

    Click here to get detailed information about Overdraft Account.

    If you have an Bill Overdraft Account:

    By opening an Bill Overdraft Account with TL 100 limit for use only for the automatic bill payments, you can get your telephone, water, electricity and Digiturk bills paid on the last payment date even if your account does not have a sufficient balance.

    Click here to get detailed information about Bill Overdraft Account.

    Avea, Vodafone, Turkcell, Türk Telekom, TEB Cetelem, Advantage, HSBC Advantage, Digiturk, Koç Finance, Iski, Aydın Water, Aski, Buski, Eski, İzsu, Kaski, İgdaş, Bursa Botaş, Eskişehir Botaş, İzmit İzgaz, Kayseri Natural Gas, Afyon Electricity, Başkent Electricity, Sakarya Electricity, Samsun Yeşilırmak Electricity, Kayseri Electricity, Ayedaş, Medaş, Boğaziçi Electricity, Kara Elmas Electricity, Gediz Electricity, Tedaş, Zurich Insurance.

    You can open an Bill Overdraft Account to get your automatic bill payments paid on the last payment date even if you do not have sufficient cash in your drawing account.

    Your Bill Overdraft Account limit is used only for automatic bill payments. You cannot withdraw cash from this account.

    Please click here to display bill payments which you can make through your Bill Overdraft Account to be opened up with a standard credit limit of TL 500. 

    For an Bill Overdraft Account, you can make an application from all TEB Branches or through TEB Internet Branch.


    BILL PAYMENT GUARANTEE which guarantees payment of the first bill at the bill payment instructions is now at your service.
    By means of this service, your payments are automatically made even if you give an automatic payment instruction for your bill on the last payment date.

    You can give your instructions until 17:00 for the bills of which the last payment date is the same day. Instructions given after 17:00 are not under guarantee coverage.

    • This service is applicable for instructions given through all the channels (Branch, Internet Branch, 0850 200 0 666 Phone Banking Branch).
    • You do not need to give a separate instruction to benefit from bill payment guarantee service. Automatic bill payment instructions given from your TL drawing account for the organizations listed below are automatically included within the scope of this service.
    • Be sure not to have an automatic payment instruction from another bank for the bill the instruction is given or not to make manual payments before the last payment date. Otherwise the risk of duplicate payments may arise.
    • In addition, you can also define an BİLL OVERDRAFT ACCOUNT with TL 500 credit limit for your bills. Bill Overdraft Account steps in only for bill payments and your payments are executed even if you do not have sufficient balance in your account. 
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