Goods Insurance

TEB Property Insurance protects your property inside your house against material damage and risks.

Goods Insurance

    With TEB Home-Property Plan, you can protect your belongings inside your house against the material damages and risks either as a home owner or tenant by selecting the plan you desire. You can select among 4 plans with 17.500 TL, 22.500 TL, 27.500 TL and  32.500 TL coverages that best suits to your needs. You can take the material damages under coverage within the limits of the selected plan on the basis of liquidated damage clause without taking the total insurance value of the properties inside your house into consideration.

    Goods: This product covers housing goods which belongs to the insurance holder, the holder’s family & Holder’s employees (The clause does not include valuable documents, documents, cheque, promissory notes, credit cards etc.)

    5% Exemption is applied over the total amount of insured goods clause in earthquake claims.

    The flood damage caused by the extraordinary precipitation has been added to the clause that will be directly caused by the out of water damages.

    General terms of theft insurance is applicable. Collusion and disappearance are not guaranteed.

    Tangible damages are also held covered on insured assets caused by smoke, vapour, heat in result of fire, lightning, and explosions (including natural gas explosions).

    Our Advantages

    • Payment Convenience
    • Broad Coverage
    • Plan Alternatives

    Claueses with TEB House Hold Plan:

    • Fire, Lightning, Explosion
    • Strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion
    • Malicious acts
    • Terrorism
    • Smoke
    • Landslide
    • Snow Weight
    • Built-in Water
    • Land Vehicle Crash
    • Air Vehicle Crash
    • Storm
    • Earthquake and volcano eruption
    • Flood / torrent
    • Theft
    • Tenant Paint-Whitewash
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