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    It is very easy to make exchange transactions with TEB FX PLATFORM!

    Log in CEPTETEB Internet Banking or CEPTETEB Mobile Application and start discovering TEBFX platform under “Investments” section!

    How can I use TEB FX platform?

    • You can customize your currency pairs list via ‘Manage Currency Pairs’ section on main page.
    • You can add currency pairs that you would like to follow and change the listing order. Maximum 10 currency pairs can be displayed on main page.
    • If you click on a currency pair, you can analyse related currency pair in details by candle stick or line graphics. You can select the period (above the chart) and interval frequency of data (under the chart).
    • To execute a deal, first you should click “BUY” and “SELL” buttons on main page before being directed on transaction page. You should enter the deal amount, choose transaction accounts and click on “Hold for 5 Seconds” which activates “BUY” and “SELL” buttons so that you can execute the deal.
    • TEB FX monitors the market for you even when you are not in front of the screen, making your life easier with SET ALARM and ADD ORDER features, you won't miss the market.
    • With the "SET ALARM" feature, you will be instantly notified through the information channel you want when the target exchange rate / parity level for the currency pair you selected is reached.
    • With the "ADD ORDER" feature, you can place orders for a validity period up to 30 days for the currency pair you want, TEB FX follows the exchange rate / parity level that you expect and when TEB FX prices reach your target buy or sell level, TEB FX automatically executes your order with the target exchange rate / parity on your behalf for the amount to be bought or sold
    • You can follow the latest news and economic data on “Latest News” section on main page. You can click on “All” field or the “News” heading in order to reach further news or the details of specific news. You can filter the news posted on the news page by their categories and dates. You can reach the retails of news by clicking on the related news.
    • “Transaction History” page allows you to access and monitor your trade details executed from TEBFX platform. You should first choose time interval of your trades to display; “Transaction Summary” shows the summary of trades in each currency pair whereas “Transaction Details” shows in details. Ind. Profit/Loss” refers to the indicative profit/loss value which is computed by using the indicative mid-rate, average of instant market buy/sell rates.
    • On “Accounts” section, you can open accounts for the currency pairs that you follow; and identify and set your favourite accounts for quick transaction to trade without any further need to select an account.


    What are the trading days and hours?

    With the activation of our 5x24 feature, our transaction hours have been determined as 5 days 24 hours starting from 03:00 on Monday morning until 22:00 on Friday evening.

    Whom/which customers can trade?
    • All of our individual and corporate customers can trade on the TEB FX platform.. Our individual customers can start using TEB FX as soon as they accept the terms of use for TEB FX.
    • Our corporate customers, who have TEB FX menu authorization or the “BUY”, “SELL” and “ARBITRAJ” authorizations for the Internet Banking Foreign exchange menu, can start their transactions on TEB FX after accepting the terms of use for TEB FX.
    • In order to Define Menu Authorization, the Menu Authorization Change Request Form for TEB FX must be filled out from Corporate Internet Banking Branch Security Settings and signed by the company officials and submitted to the branch.
    How are my followed ACTIVE ORDERS filled?

    Orders that you place to the TEB FX platform will be executed if the buying or selling exchange rate / parity for the same day value date that changes instantly in TEB FX according to your transaction direction for the currency pair you have determined reaches to the Targeted exchange rate / parity during TEB FX working hours at any time until the expiry date and time and your account balance is available. Orders whose account balance is not available at the time of order execution (if the current balance in the account is less than the amount including taxes required for order execution, partial order execution will not be made for these current amounts) and / or orders that have not been realized until the expiry date and time will be automatically canceled by the system.

    How can we follow the News and Economic Calendar?

    You can view both “News” or “Economic Calendar” or separately by using the “News” and/or “Economic Calendar “filters on the NEWS page as you desire.

    Where can we see the currency pairs that I can trade?

    You can reach all currency pairs that can be followed on “Manage Currency Pairs” section on main page.

    What do TRANSACTION SUMMARY and TRANSACTION DETAILS mean? How can we use them?

    TRANSACTION SUMMARY displays “Total Buy/Sell” amount and the “Average Buy/Sell Rate” values of transactions executed via TEBFX platform within the selected time interval.

    TRANSACTION DETAILS displays deals in details for the selected currency pair, which is activated through filter buttons that can be used separately or collectively for each currency pair shown in the TRANSACTION SUMMARY.


    What do Indicative Mid-Rate and Indicative Profit/Loss mean on “Transaction History” page?
    • Indicative Mid-Rate refers to rates derived from the average of instant market buy/sell values of related currency pair.
    • Indicative Profit/Loss refers to the indicative profit/loss value that can be derived in case of a reverse transaction executed by the indicative mid-rate. Only FX transactions are taken into account for the computation. These expressions are for information purposes only and does not constitute binding in any respect for the bank. If you wish to execute FX transactions in the reverse direction of the FX transactions shown in the list, you can perform your transactions with TEBFX platform prices changing instantly according to the buying/selling direction of the new transaction and market conditions. Therefore, the "Indicative Profit/Loss" figures shared on this screen does not guarantee the final "Profit/Loss" figures to be generated individually and/or totally as a result of your transactions.
    What does “Logout Setting” mean?

    You can set the time that you want to logout automatically from the platform.

    How can we return to the Internet Branch?

    You can click CEPTETEB logo and return to CEPTETEB Internet branch to continue with your other transactions.

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