Continuous Cheque Printing Program

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    Continuous Check Printing Program

    It is a program enabling to draw a great number of checks practically and quickly at the same time.

    For Whom?

    It is for all companies  which make their payments by drawing a large number of checks or which draw a large number of checks on certain days (i.e. companies which draw at least 10 checks at one time once a week).


    It enables to draw checks quickly and faultlessly and eliminates the possible risks that may arise due to incorrect drawings. 

    TEB Continuous Check Printing Program Installation:

    Technical requirements that must be present on your computer:

    In order to be able to use  TEB Continuous Check Printing Program, Windows operating system (2000, NT 4.0, XP) must be installed into your computer and the printer you used must be one of OKİ 3321-3320-5521, HP 2300-1020-1018-3920-3940- 2360-3050-1022, Samsung ML-1610 and Panasonic 1150 models. The program does not support any brand or model of the printers functioning as a scanner, laser or copier.

    For Laser Printers:

    • Checks must be detached and printed in foursome leafs.
    • If less than 4 checks are to be printed, 2 or 3 checks can be detached and printed.
    • However, it is not possible to print a single check.

    Things to be done for installing the program:

    • To install the program, please click the following "Installation" button and install the program on your computer. After the installation, "TEB SUREKLICEK.exe" icon to be used to operate the program will appear on your desktop.
    • When the installation finished, please shut down and restart your computer. Thereafter, you may start using the program.
    • If you face a problem in operating the "Reports" module after the installation of the program, please click the "Utilities" file and install it on your computer.
    • You may also download the "Help" file on your computer to get support for program installation.
    • In case you face any problem related to the installation and operation of the program, you may contact our Cash Management Products Operations Department.

    Help File 

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