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    Gold Fund

    24-hours easily tradable! 24 Carat Fund while buying, keeping and also selling it!

    TEB B-Type Gold Fund

    TEB B-Type Gold Fund aims to provide steady income in the medium and long-term. At least 51% of the portfolio is regularly invested in gold and financial instruments based on gold.

    You can buy and sell TEB B-Type Gold Fund in terms 1 share and multiples thereof. Your buy/sell instructions given before 01:15 PM are realized one day later and your buy/sell instructions given after 01:15 PM are realized two-days after.

    With TEB B-Type Gold Fund, you can invest in gold without getting suffered from the difference between the buying and selling prices which you may face when you direcly invest in gold and without any safe-keeping concern. You can easily buy TEB B-Type Gold Fund from;

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