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    What is Mobile Direct Debiting System® (Mobile DDS ®)?

    Mobil DBS ® is a practical cash management application which enables the companies (wholesalers, merchant sellers, etc.) who conduct face-to-face selling throughout the country by the sales representatives to carry out their collections over their sales representative’s own cell phones or portable terminals. Our bank is the only bank which offers this service in the sector.

    Please click here to watch our introductory film on TEB Mobile DDS.

    Mobile DDS ® on TEB SME TV

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    Awards Granted to TEB Mobil DBS ®

    TEB Mobile DDS ®,

    • has been awarded as “Highly Commended“ in “Best Cash Management Achievement 2009” category by Banking Technology Awards.
    • has been nominated among finalist in "2009 Most Promising Banking Product" category in the competition organized by Financial Innovation Awards.

    What are the advantages offered by TEB Mobile DDS ®?

    • Removes the company’s collection operation and risk.
    • Enables the company to focus on its sales activities by handing over its collection activities to our Bank.
    • Enables faster collection implementation.
    • Removes POS charges, cheque and notes collection operation and its relevant costs.
    • Enables to mitigate cash-in-transit risk.

    Reporting Facilities under TEB Mobile DDS ®

    Company sales representatives can produce transaction reports for all the customers or for the selected customers over TEB Mobile DDS ® application.

    From TEB Corporate / Commercial Internet Branch Mobile DDS ® menu, the officers working in the head office of the company are able to follow and report billing information of the customers on the basis of transactions entered by the sales representatives.

    At the same time, customer can access to their own billing information through TEB Corporate / Commercial Internet Branch Mobile DDS ® menu and also monitor and make reporting. 

    How does Mobile DDS ® operate?

    • Mobile DDS ® application is uploaded to the cell phones or portable terminals of the sales representative.
    • Sales representatives make sales visits to the customer.
    • Customer conveys the purchase amount and method of payment to the sales representatives at the time of the sale. Sales representative, before delivering the goods to the customer, enters them from the cell phone or portable terminal into Mobile DDS ® and checks the customer limit; if the limits are available for the sales amount, he/she delivers the goods and invoices them to the customer.
    • Sales representative enters the invoce information into Mobile DDS ® through the cell phone or portable terminal.
    • The collection information entered into Mobile DDS ® is recorded to TEB DDS system and a notification is sent to the customer’s cell phone via SMS message.

    With Mobile DDS ®, sales representative can also amend / cancel the sales information through the cell phone or portable terminal. The amendments made on the incoive are immediately notified to the customer via SMS message.

    At the payment due date, Mobile DDS ® checks the account of the customer automatically.  If the account has an available balance, the invoice amount is automatically transferred to the company account. If the account of the customer does not have a sufficient balance, customer’s Mobile DDS ®credit limit steps in and the payment is affected.

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