Start Up Business Banking


    We are moving our “Consultant Bank” approach in TEB SME Banking to the enterprising area.

    With TEB Start Up Business Banking, we are presenting a wide range of services specially designed for the needs of entrepreneurs who want to realize their projects. 

    Investment Credit

    It is the credit that the entrepreneur could utilize for the financing of his investment.

    Amount: Maximum 75.000 TL
    Maturity: Up to 36 months 
    Grace Period: Up to 9-12 months

    Kaynak (Overdraft) Account

    It is the credit which can be used for the daily cash flow needs of the entrepreneur.

    Amount: Maximum 10.000 TL

    First Step Credit

    It is the credit which can be used for the financing of such needs of entrepreneurs as machine, decoration, license and warranty during the establishment of his enterprise. It could be used up to 90% of the invoice amount of these needs.

    Amount: Maximum 50.000 TL 

    Maturity: 12 months

    Zero Interest Kaynak (Overdraft) Account

    This credit which can only be used to cover the financing needs related to expenses of the entrepreneur who takes his first support from the governmental institutions: (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization-KOSGEB, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey-TÜBİTAK, Teknogirişim etc.)

    Zero Interest is only applicable for the first month. After the first month, the interest rate to be announced by the bank will be imposed.

    Amount: Maximum 10.000 TL

    Co-financing and Bridge Financing Loan

    This credit is designed to cover the financing needs related to the project of the entrepreneur who will take support/grant from one of the governmental institutions.

    Amount: Maximum 150.000 TL (Up to 55% of the governmental support which is proved by the documentation)

    Maturity: Up to 12 months

    Letter of Guarantee

    This is the credit which can be extended to the governmental institutions for the grant/support to be provided to the entrepreneur or to the parent company to acquire a franchising.

    Amount: Maximum 100.000 TL
    Maturity: Up to 12 months

    Business Card

    It is the special credit card that is developed for the expenses of the entrepreneur related to his enterprise instead of cash.

    Amount: Up to 10.000 TL


    Advantageous POS Service Specially Developed for Entrepreneurs

    Free Transactions*:

    Business Card: Any subscription fee will not be charged for the business card for first two years.
    Money Order/EFT: Any fee will not be charged for first six months.
    Account Maintenance Fee: Any fee will not be charged for first six months.

    SME Club Membership: For first year, 200 TL-membership-fee will not be charged.

    For further information about TEB Enterprise Banking Package you could call 444 0 832.

    * The entrepreneurs who want to make use of the mentioned services within the scope of financial services should contract to actively use the products such as Business Card, Direct Debit Mandate, Tax/SSI (Social Security Institution) Payments, TEB Internet Branch, TEB Debit Card for 12 months.

    We are presenting the non-financial services for entrepreneurs under TEB Enterprise House. TEB Enterprise House is a business-development center which was established with the purpose of supporting the projects of the entrepreneurs who are producing high-level added value. We are servicing with 3 different approaches in TEB Enterprise House:

    1. Business Management Consultancy

    We are giving one-to-one consultancy service to the entrepreneurs to give guidance to them about realization of their projects or management of their current businesses in a proper way.

    The scope of the consultancy service is as in the following:

    For entrepreneurs having a Business Idea/Project, before they venture; In one-to-one meetings to be conducted with the entrepreneur, our consultant will give guidance about the project of the entrepreneur in developing the right business model, defining the high-potential target group, modeling the product in line with the selected target group and identifying the right amount of investment capital required at the starting phase.


    For entrepreneurs who finalized the establishment phase; In one-to-one meetings to be conducted with the entrepreneurs who finalized the establishment phase of his enterprise, our consultant will give guidance about such issues as sales, proper development of the marketing plan, specification of a competitive and profitable pricing by making the cost analysis of the product or service and preparation of cash flow statement by making the cost-income analyses.

    2. Entrepreneurship Trainings 

    Regular trainings will be held in TEB Enterprise House. These trainings will be free and open to all entrepreneurs.

    Trainings with the content that is specially developed for the entrepreneurs and enterprises in a wide range of many different subjects from sales/marketing to financing management, from foreign trade to enterprise management will be held in TEB Enterprise House. 

    3. TEB Incubation Center

    TEB Incubation Center which is located in TEB Enterprise House is a physical working environment developed for the entrepreneurs (at the phase of business idea developing or newly established ones) having technological and/or value-added business ideas in the fields of e-business, software and informatics to provide them with such support services as office place, office equipment and others.

    TEB Consultants, who are the experts in business management will be full-time available in TEB Incubation Center as to provide a continuous consultancy support to entrepreneurs.

    To apply TEB Incubation Center, please click here.

    The scope of the TEB Incubation Center service is as in the following:

    Office Related Support

    Private Office desk for  the entrepreneur
    IT infrastructure as computer, internet, fax, scanner


    Training support
    Consultancy in accounting 
    Consultancy in branding, patent, idea registration
    Corporate website support
    Support for product/company promotion video


    Business management consultancy
    Academia support
    Business World consultancy
    Finance consultancy


    Investor meetings
    Customer meetings
    Promotion Activities

    All non-financial supports in TEB Enterprise House and TEB Incubation Center are provided to entrepreneurs for free by TEB within its Corporate             Social Responsibility.

    For further information: 0 216 547 15 16 /

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