With E-Invoice implementation of TEB, in addition to your banking services, you could receive service as per the needs of your company in a secured way. You could get information for further inquiries or problems about the issue through 444 0 832 or efaturadestek@teb.com.tr

    Features of TEB e-invoice software are indicated below:

    • Drawing, sending and receiving invoices
    • With its specially designed archive, safekeeping the invoices and providing an easily accessibility to the previous ones
    • Fiscal stamp service
    • An opportunity of design specially created for your company’s invoice format and image/logo (Add document, take particular notes on the received invoice, follow-up the serial sequence number on behalf of the customer and adding special parts apart from the standard information related to invoice)
    • Online or offline integration facility with the help of ERP systems
    • Facility to assign more than one person as user in your company
    • Facility of special approval flows to users with enter and approval authorization
    • Facility to deliver the sent or received e-invoices by addressing them on departmental basis 
    • What is e-invoice?

    E-invoice is an electronic document whose data format and standard is defined by the Revenue Administration, which includes the information required as per the Tax Procedural Law and the transfer and delivery between the purchaser and seller is enabled through a central platform (GİB).

    • Who are obliged to use e-invoice?
    • Companies having the license for mineral oil within the scope of Petroleum Market Law and the corporations whose sales revenue is 25 Million TL-gross in minimum out of the ones purchasing goods from such companies as of the date of 31.12.2011
    • Companies who are subject to Private Consumption Tax and producing and importing cola, soda, bear, wines and other spirit drinks as well as tobacco and tobacco products the corporations whose sales revenue is 10 Million TL-gross in minimum out of the ones purchasing goods from such companies as of the date of 31.12.2011
    • What is fiscal stamp? For which purposes is it used?

    Fiscal stamp is a kind of corporate e-signature. In order to be used as per the regulations required by Tax Procedural Law, it provides assurance for data integrity, source and content of legal entities and corporations. It is mandatory to be used in e-invoice and e-book implementations and it is designed by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) on behalf of the Prime Ministry.

    • What is the importance of fiscal stamp?

    Using of the fiscal stamp (or e-signature) is mandatory to draw an e-invoice. Without fiscal stamp (or e-signature) it is not allowed to draw an e-invoice.

    • What are the procedures for companies to implement the e-invoice?

    Companies should apply to Revenue Administration with the below given documents:

    • “E-Invoice Application Form and Letter of Undertaking” which could be accessed at www.efatura.gov.tr 
    •  “Letter of Undertaking for Electronic Fiscal Stamp Certificate Holders” which could be accessed atwww.efatura.gov.tr 
    • Articles of Association of the Company (In the case of publishing of AoA in Trade Registry Gazette before the date of 01.10.2003, the original or notarized copy of the gazette)
    • In the case of a change in the trade name, original or notarized copy of the gazette in which the latest trade name has been declared
    • Original or notarized copy of the signature circular confirming that the persons who signed the application form are the authorized ones
    • Through which ways the companies could get benefit from the e-invoice?
    • Through E-Invoice portal service which can accessed at www.efatura.gov.tr 
    • Through the integration of information technology infrastructure of the companies to the e-invoice application
    • Through the Private Integrator (for the companies make out more than 500 invoices in a month)
    • What are the procedures to reach e-invoice application through the special integrator? 

    An agreement on e-invoice receiving and sending between the companies registered to the application and the private integrator should be signed. 
    Private integrator will submit the information about the companies with whom it signed an agreement to the GİB (central platform) in electronic platform and in the case of receiving a positive answer from GİB, user account of the company will be activated by GİB and then the company could send and receive the e-invoices.

    • What does TEB e-Invoice system present to your company?

    TEB, as the private integrator, will present the services of e-invoice making, sending, receiving and safekeeping to your company as of the date of 1 January 2014. 

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