Remittance Tracking System

Remittance Tracking System | SME

    Remittance Tracking System

    It is a collection system which provides operational advantage to companies who make their collections through remittance by facilitating the tracking of remittances received into the account and getting the received remittance amounts credited to the relevant accounts with the customer numbers. 

    Pool Account

    It is a cash management service which enables the companies’ account balances with TEB branches to be automatically transferred to the designated pool account at the designated times

    For Whom?

    All companies who extensively make their collections through remittance.


    • The electronic file which contains the received remittances can be transferred to your company by TEB.
    • Sender of the remittances can be tracked from your accounting system and, depending on your preference; records related to the received remittances can be automatically entered into customer current accounts.
    • With the pool account, your different accounts can be automatically collected into a single account. 
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