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    Silver Account

    With Silver Account, you can make use of your savings by investing in silver in a secure manner by also benefiting from the rises in silver value.    

    Advantages of Silver Account

    • You can easily buy-sell silver just like buying/selling foreign currency.
    • You can buy silver whenever you like by using your USD or TL account and you can also covert your silver into cash whenever you like and transfer to your USD or TL account.
    • You can invest in silver without the risk of theft and loss and you do not pay labor cost when buying and selling gold.

    Demand Deposit Silver Account

    • Minimum transaction limit is 1 gr.
    • 1XAG=1GR.
    • No account maintenance fee is charged for your Silver Drawing Account
    • You can make transfers from your Silver Drawing Account to the other Silver Drawing Accounts.
    • You can perform your silver trading transactions through TEB Internet Branch and 0850 200 0 666 Phone Branch 7 days/24-hours and from our Branches.
    • No commission and fees are charged for buying/selling silver transactions.
    • No physical delivery is provided.
    • TEB Silver Depot Account can be opened also for our retail and commercial customers.

    Now, those people who open a Silver Account with TEB benefit from the expertise of TEB.

    Come to the TEB Branch nearest to you or open your Silver Account by using TEB Internet Branch!

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