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    Gold Account

    Gold Account is an account type with time or demand account options that enables the investors, who consider investing in gold, to buy and sell gold in a secure manner.

    Gold Account enables you to invest in gold without getting exposed to the risk of loss/theft and paying labor cost.

    Advantages of Gold Account

    • You can buy and sell gold in terms of 1 gram and multiples thereof just like buying/selling foreign currency.
    • You can buy gold whenever you like by using your USD or TL account and you can also covert your gold into cash whenever you like and transfer to your USD or TL account.
    • You do not need to buy/sell gold physically in order to perform buying and selling transactions through your Gold Account.
    • You do not face problems like low carat or old dated gold coins. You can invest in gold without the risk of theft and loss and you do not pay labor cost when buying and selling gold.

    Demand Deposit Gold Account

    • You can buy and sell gold in terms of 0,01 gram and multiples thereof.
    • No account maintenance fee is charged for your Gold Demand Deposit Account.
    • You can transfer gold from your gold demand deposit account to other gold demand deposit accounts.

    Term Deposit Gold Account

    • You can open a Term Deposit Gold Account with minimum 1gr.
    • You can open your Term Deposit Gold Account from the nearest TEB Branch.
    You can visit the TEB Branch nearest to you to get detailed information or open a Gold Account with TEB.
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