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    TEB SME Academy provides guidance to SMEs trying to expand their businesses through its free training and workshop programs and leads SMEs to gain more success and make more income. 

    Corporate Development Training Programs

    TEB SME Academy Corporate Development Training Programs that provide knowledge support to SMEs for their growth and development have been created together with a leading consultancy firm who is an expert on its topic as a result of intensive experiences. In these trainings, the business development models that had been successful on the field are being delivered to SMEs since 2005 in a different city each month.

    The participant SMEs are provided with the detailed guiding documents necessarry to apply the knowledge they acquired during the program implementations as well as the business development models to their companies. 

    Information related to content of these trainings that broaden SMEs’ horizons is as follows;

    How will Today’s Successful SME manage the Future? Strategic Management Workshop for SMEs

    • The purpose of this workshop is to get an answer on whether the strategic management can be applied to SMEs.
    • At the end of the workshop, SME owners are provided with the necessary knowledge and methods to develop an effective strategic planning and management system while managing their growth periods.

    Where your enterprise is in the Development Map? Growth Scenarios Workshop for SMEs

    • It analyses the growth process faced by the SMEs in our country in a detailed manner.
    • The practices made throughout “The Growth Scenarios Workshop for SMEs” enable the SMEs to define the growth and development tasks that are most suitable for their own activities in every stage. 

    Management and Planning Workshop for Foreign Trade

    • The purpose of this workshop is to identify and initiate the steps for managing the strategic issues related to foreign trade management in SMEs.
    • At the end of the workshop, SME owners are delivered with the practical method and practices for managing the foreign trade strategically, reducing the risks to the minimum levels and developing it continuously with effective market research.

    Future Strategy Conferences 

    Future Strategy Conferences for the Cities

     “Future Strategy Conferences” is an initiative organized to determine future strategies and objectives of the cities based on their economic, commercial and social histories and to explore potential areas of investment which convenes businessmen, academicians, bureaucrats and local government officials.

    At the end of the conference, a report which contains the city’s objectives, achievements, future strategies and development prospects in the form of a social-economic map of the city is prepared and shared with all public and non-governmental organisations.

    Sectoral Future Strategy Conferences

    Sectoral Future Strategy Conferences are conferences organized to reveal the potentials of the sectors and to create a platform for making decisions that will shape the sector’s common future.

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