Automatic EFT/Remittance Program

Automatic EFT/Remittance Program | SME

    Automatic EFT / Remittance Program

    With this program, you can prepare your collective EFT, remittance, virement and foreign curreny money transfer transactions to be made from your accounts with TEB in your company computers and send them to our bank in an electronic environment; thereby it enables you to perform your money transfer transactions quickly. 

    For Whom?

    All companies making a large number of collective EFT, remittance, virement and foreign curreny money transfer transactions.


    • Remittance / EFT transactions can be performed in an automatic, fast and seamless manner.
    • Installation over the internet and automatic updating system.
    • Automatic formation of a written instruction.
    • Automatic FTP transfer.
    • Management of the sub-users and their rights.
    • Defined beneficiaries once they are loaded into the system.

    System Requirements (Host and Additional Computers)

    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7
    • .Net Framework v2.0

    Network Requirements

    • The computer must have an internet connection for a secure access and information transfer during the installation and making an entry with the host user.
    • If a proxy server is used in the corporate network to provide internet connection, the proxy server settings must have been defined in Internet Explorer connection settings.
    • If your computer and/or corporate network have features that blocking internet connection such as firewall, etc., the program must be enabled to get internet connection.

    In the sytem, there is no integration with ERP packages and other similar systems (Logo, etc.). 


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