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    TEB Business Experts

    One of our innovative and different applications in the sector is “TEB Business Experts” programs:

    At TEB Branches, there are experts that are knowledgeable on the issues such as sector structuring and planning methods, aiming to lead their enterprises from the establishment phase to long-term achievements, and can analyse businesses based on this perspective and provide guidance accordingly.

    After completing an intense training program, our customer representatives are equipped with knowledge and experience not only in terms of the financial aspects, but at the same time in the areas of;

    • Marketing and Sales-Marketing Expertise
    • Financial Management Expertise

    Again particularly in these areas, they analyse their companies in a detailed manner and can guide and direct them by developing solutions. By the suggestions they prepared as a result of the analyses, they steer the development efforts of the businesses in accordance with the changing economic conditions and increase the strength of the businesses through their determinations on sales development, enhancement of production efficiency and effective use of financial resources.

    We, as TEB SME Banking Group, aim to continue to render this service to our customers in every city through our extensive branch network and the experts increasing in numbers every day in the upcoming periods.

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